Kids’ Halloween Costumes ‘Let It Go’ With Sexy Versions of ‘Frozen’ Characters [Video]

Kids’ Halloween costumes usually run the gamut from A for adorable (oooh, baby in a pumpkin suit) to Z for zombies (yes, again, because apparently kids feel that you can never have too many zombies in this world). But when it comes to the most popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2014, you may want to sing “Let It Go” as overly sexy costumes based on Frozen try to thaw the hearts of parents weary of the movie, as Seattle PI revealed on Sept. 26.

Say hello to the made-over Frozen cast costumes, which apparently are based on the theory that little girls who look like Paris Hilton will enjoy their Halloween more than if they resembled the sweet naive little Disney characters. (Oh, and that sound you hear? That’s Walt Disney groaning in his grave.)

If you watched Frozen, you may have admired the old-fashioned dress worn by Anna. Now take a look at the version displayed among the hottest Halloween costumes for older kids this year. It features black lace stockings worn under a how-short-can-it-get mini-dress. Guess who made it? A lingerie and costume company called Yandy (think Yandy is dandy?) earns the honors.

Of course, sexy make-up is essential for transforming your child into a Frozen princess. The following video tells you just how to do it.

And if you’re seeking Halloween attire for boys this year, fear not. You can find delightful deals that will give even adults nightmares. For example, if you’re looking for Halloween costumes for older kids, you may want to consider the combo bargain of a cowboy zombie, as the Christian Science Monitor pointed out on Sept. 27.

And don’t forget the accessories to match. How about dragon contact lenses? For a mere $209.99 per eye, you can dress up your little creature with the eyes that he didn’t even know existed until he saw them on TV (“Look, Mom, I need those!”).

But don’t be spooked. If you truly want traditional Halloween costumes, take a cue from celebrity moms. Last year, for example, the always-in-good-taste Sandra Bullock dressed up her little boy Louis in a simple skeleton costume, noted the Inquisitr.

But it’s not all evil. The National Retail Federation happily reports that we’re helping the economy by buying those costumes. Just how much we spend? When it comes to kids’ Halloween costumes, try on $1 billion in annual spending. We’re more extravagant with adults, shelling out $1.2 billion on our costumes. Add in the candy, decorations and extras such as treat bags, and our national spending for Halloween totals $7 billion.

[Lead Image via Disney and Yandy]

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