Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Booed At Fashion Show: Is Paris Getting Tired of Kimye? [Video]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian aren’t having such a good week in Paris.

According to Celebuzz, West and Kardashian were late for the Lanvin show and upset the crowd when they made their way to their front row seats. Some fellow attendees started booing them from across the runway, which upset Kanye.

West confronted the hecklers, walking up to them and saying, “”Alber (Elbaz) asked to see us! Don’t boo us! We’re not late. We’re not late.”

The couple also drew attention to themselves with their outfits. Kim reportedly wore a skirt so short she had to use her hand to keep from showing off her crotch when she sat down and a blazer with nothing under it, exposing plenty of cleavage. Kanye, not to be outdone, unbuttoned his shirt to show off his ample “man boobs” also.

You can watch the crowd’s reaction to Kanye and Kim’s tardiness and West’s defense in this AP video.


The couple has been grabbing headlines in Paris this week. On Thursday The Inquisitr reported that Kim had been tackled by a prankster, who nearly knocked her to the ground while she was getting out of a car to attend another show. They also made a stir earlier in the week by bringing their 1-year-old child, North, to a Balenciaga show.

The couple’s antics are apparently not sitting well with fashion industry insiders, who have branded Kimye as “fashion flu,” according to The New York Post.

“People are so mad about Kimye being here,” sniffed a fashion insider, adding that Paris regulars are “fatigued with the whole family.” Kim’s mom Kris, and sister Kendall are also in town.

Another fashion insider was overheard Thursday in Paris saying that Kim and Kanye have been a fashion headache, to which a pro replied, “No, you mean a fashion (chronic fatigue).”

Another source explained the industry insider’s frustration with the couple.

“They hold up shows and they draw paparazzi wherever they go. They’re seen here as the ultimate try-hards. It was funny when they were a novelty.”

Kim and Kanye’s entourage grew even more, according to The Daily Mail, when they hired two additional security teams to accompany them after being freaked out by the prankster’s attack on Thursday, making their presence even more obvious, and inconvenient, at the shows.

The NY Post reported that some of the fashion insiders were relieved when Kimye didn’t show up at the Dior show on Friday.

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