WWE News: AJ Lee Nude Photos Aren’t Her, And She Is Making Sure We Know In Her Own Way

WWE Diva AJ Lee has had an up and down year thus far. She started the year like she ended the last, as WWE Diva’s Champion. She held onto the title through WrestleMania 30, where she retained her title in a battle royal. The next night on RAW, she lost her belt to new WWE Diva Paige. Paige had been in NXT for some time, as she signed with WWE at 19. She was unable to appear on the main roster until 21, as an unwritten rule from WWE requires such these days.

AJ Lee then left the WWE to go and get things ready for a wedding with now former WWE Superstar CM Punk. Many have given her grief over her husband’s decisions and many continue to chant his name during her segments and matches. You know, because it’ll somehow make a difference and he’ll come back because of the chants. Many didn’t think she’d come back to WWE after she left.

Rumors came out that she may have gotten pregnant in her time away from WWE and it seemed that suddenly once these rumors got hot, boom, AJ Lee was back. Most do not think that the rumors had anything to do with the timing of it all. However, it is surely a big coincidence. Lee still has a good bit of time on her WWE contract. Whether she’ll come back after it is done is up in the air.

It seemed that AJ was getting over the rumors of pregnancy all to get involved in yet another rumor. A hacker or multiple hackers were able to hack Apple’s iCloud as well as iPhones to get nude pictures of several celebrities. They put up the images on places such as 4Chan and Imgur. The original pictures began to surface mostly on Reddit, allowing social media to get a hold of it. Clearly the websites saw a bump and many of the images can still be seen, as they have not been deleted. It just so happened that hackers were able to get their hands on a few wrestling chicks in Velvet Sky and Melina with their first batch of pics that were dubbed “The Fappening”. Very classy right?

AJ Lee Title

Most thought that it was over, only for more pictures to surface this past week, including pictures said to be of WWE Diva AJ Lee. The pictures were proven to be false and not of the current WWE Diva’s Champion. That has not stopped many from believing that it was her, so many have decided to take to social media to defend AJ. One user caught the attention of AJ after they said…

“I HATE to Disappoint everyone in #WWE Universe the alleged @WWEAJLee #AJLee photo well the main 1 floating around is @LilyEvans not AJ lol.”

AJ Lee responded to the post shortly after, saying…

“Is this a thing? Thanks, I think.”

Basically, AJ responded as if she had no idea there was anything going on. The alleged photo of AJ had actually been circulating online since the beginning of the year. While the pictures of Melina and Velvet Sky are confirmed to be real, the AJ picture is not. Most would imagine that she knew about the picture controversy and that she had a picture floating around, despite it not being her.

So she did this in a cool fashion, as if to say, so what? One would imagine if it really was her, how would she react then? WWE most likely would not let any Diva go if caught in this controversy, as they are clearly being hacked by a guy who has too much time on his hands. WWE has had some fun poking at the ordeal in a recent segment on RAW when they used it for The Miz/Dolph Ziggler rivalry. Past that, however, WWE has not really referenced the controversy. At least we know now that AJ has nothing out there. Sorry for disappointing the world.

[Image credits: Bleacher Report, Sports Keeda]

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