‘Once Upon A Time’: Will Emma And Elsa Become New Swan Queen?

The Once Upon a Time fans who ship Swan Queen were not happy last season when Robin Hood played Cupid by striking the Evil Queen’s heart with his enchanted arrow. And to make matters worse, Emma Swan got hooked on Hook. However, both of these relationships are going to experience turbulence during season 4, and Swan Queen fans might discover a new dream lesbian couple to root for when the sisters from Disney’s Frozen come to town.

Once Upon A Time's Swan Queen

Regina’s biggest relationship obstacle be the arrival of Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s once-deceased wife. Now that she’s back in the picture on Once Upon a Time, the Evil Queen is going to be forced to back off. She could always return to her old ways and crush her competition’s heart, but she’s smart enough to realize that this would be very unwise — it would just make Robin Hood despise her.

Meanwhile Emma is going to feel horrible about causing Regina pain, and this will make her feel guilty about spending too much time getting all lovey-dovey with Hook. Luckily, she’ll have someone else to talk to while Hook pines away and Regina stews.

During a recent interview with TV Fanatic, Jennifer Morrison talked about the special bond that Emma will share with Elsa (Regina Haig) when she makes her highly-anticipated debut on Once Upon a Time. Emma Swan and the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen have a lot in common, so perhaps fans will start shipping a new Swan Queen when they see the women interacting. Elsa is one of Disney’s only living single queens, after all.

“Emma has an incredible amount of interaction with Elsa. They’re actually quite connected because they’re very similar. They both have powers that they don’t understand. They both feel that they can’t completely control those powers. They both have accidentally hurt people because of those powers.”

Because of these similarities, Emma will become fast friends with Elsa on Once Upon a Time.

“They’ve both been misunderstood for most of their life and are trying to figure out a way to open themselves up after years of being closed off. So there’s an incredible amount of emotional baggage that they both share and so they become very connected very quickly because of how similar they are.”

Jennifer Morrison said Elsa will even help Emma learn how to control her magic and use it properly. Regina has attempted to help Emma with her magic in the past, but because of her temper and impatience, the Evil Queen isn’t the best teacher.

Emma and Elsa might get along much better than Emma and Regina, but this doesn’t mean that the Savior and the Evil Queen are going to go back to being mortal enemies. According to Morrison, Emma is going to do whatever she can to help Regina get over her heartbreak. Jennifer also stated that she thinks of the Evil Queen and Emma as being friends.

“Emma would never intentionally try to hurt Regina in any way. They’ve been through far too much in the last three seasons. Regina has worked very hard to redeem herself and to grow past some of the hurt and pain that has caused the evil side of her in the past. Emma respects that and admires that and she feels like Regina has really become a friend over time.”

Regina actress Lana Parrilla recently talked to After Ellen about the Swan Queen shippers who want Emma Swan and the Evil Queen to become more than just friends. The fantasy couple recently won an After Ellen femslash tournament that asked readers to vote on which fictional women they’d like to see as lovers.

Lana Parrilla probably wouldn’t be a Snow Swan shipper — she believes that Once Upon a Time fans love Regina and Emma together because they have so little in common, not because they’re similar.

“You’ve got a brunette with brown eyes—dark, sultry—and then you have this blonde, blue-eyed, very—Emma has a different quality from Regina. She’s definitely more athletic, more active, stronger physically in a different way than Regina would be. And Regina has a different internal power and that’s also very attractive, and a witch, and a humor, and a sassiness that we all love about her.”

Lana Parrilla also talked about why Once Upon a Time fans think that Regina and Emma are secretly attracted to one another.

“There are a lot of qualities that make these two characters connect and I can see why people would want them to be together. There’s also been tension between them throughout the years and they’re fighting and at each other’s throats, but not ever really physically hurting one another, and so there’s that tension that I think that can be perceived as very sexual by a lot of our audience, especially our Swan Queens.”

Lana made it clear the she supports all Once Upon a Time shippers, and she pointed out another reason lesbian fans root for Swan Queen.

“And with Regina and Emma being both moms, I can see that it’s a ship that is obvious and one that a lot of lesbians would support and hope for.”

Lana Parrilla even said that she’d totally support a Swan Queen pairing if the Once Upon a Time writers ever decided to go that direction.

What do you think of Snow Swan becoming a popular ship on Once Upon a Time? Will this fantasy couple become the next Swan Queen?

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