Discovery Reveals ‘Killing Bigfoot’

Discovery has unveiled a new special that will follow a group of people intent on tracking down and killing the elusive creature known as Bigfoot, attempting to harvest a specimen in order to prove that the species does in fact exist.

A cultural icon, Bigfoot is already the focus of a popular series that airs on Discovery. Finding Bigfoot is going strong in its fifth season, with no signs of slowing down, yet the network has revealed a new, hour-long special that will follow a group of Bigfoot hunters with a far different and more literal interpretation of their mission.

According to Tech Times, Killing Bigfoot will follow engineer and ex-Pro wrestler Bobby Hamilton and Vietnam vet Jim Lansdale as they search for the creature along with their organization, the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO). Their stated intent is to kill a member of the species, both to prove its existence and protect the public from what they describe as a possible future attack by a rogue Bigfoot.

“Science says it doesn’t exist,” Hamilton states. “They don’t have a body. Our agenda is to go ahead and put one on a slab.”

The team utilizes military style tactics and assault weapons in their quest to kill an adult Bigfoot, a goal that leaves them at odds with other groups who research the animal. As Nuke The Fridge notes, neuropsychologist Dr. Webb Sentell will be featured on the program, espousing his opposing view that Bigfoot should not be killed.

According to retired police officer Bob Wilson, who also appears in Killing Bigfoot, a body is the ultimate evidence for proving the species’ existence.

“The body of one adult male is the only way our government will admit that these creatures do exist,” he asserts in the show’s trailer.

Recently, a group of researchers in Russia claimed that they have proof of an Almas, a Bigfoot-like creature said to live in the Ural mountains. As The Inquisitr noted, they sent a sample of tree bark that they believe was marked by the creature to the United States for DNA testing.

Earlier this year, a purported Bigfoot body was toured around the United States by Rick Dyer, who claimed he had killed the beast before having its body stuffed. Touted as proof of the species, the corpse eventually proved to be a fabrication.

Killing Bigfoot will air October 17 on Destination America.

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