Teresa Giudice Could Have Nailed Her Own Coffin Shut Thanks To ‘RHONJ’

Teresa Giudice could have really hurt her chances of staying out of prison, according to new reports. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star has not shown much remorse since pleading guilty in a federal fraud case in which she faces over two years in prison. According to Enstars, Teresa has been going about her normal life, hanging out with friends and family at the beach and at parties — and spending money just as she normally would. In fact, the reality star’s crisis team have reportedly been worried that Teresa’s nonchalant response to the charges could actually drive the judge to lay down a steeper punishment.

“[Fame] is actually hurting her. All of her bad behavior is caught on camera, and there is chance the judge or prosecutors could use that against her,” said a source.

Teresa Giudice was slammed for carrying a $2,000 Valentino handbag on a recent episode of RHONJ, given the fact that she filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy recently. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teresa has also kept up with her pricey beauty regime, which includes Botox and laser treatments which cost thousands of bucks. Some say that Teresa should be watching her spending, making sure that she’s not leaving any reason for a judge to believe that she’s not trying to change her ways.

According to WetPaint, Teresa and her husband, Joe, have put not one, but three properties on the market ahead of their Oct. 2 court date. However, the couple waited until mid-September to list their homes for sale, and some say that they should have tried to sell months ago. They were formally charged with fraud almost a year ago, so why did they actually wait so long to get their ducks in order? Some say that their decision to take things slow might look bad, and could impact their sentencing also.

Joe and Teresa Giudice could both end up going to jail — this is a very real possibility. Selling their properties might be a little effort way too late. Unless, of course, they know something that the general public doesn’t. For instance, it has been widely rumored that Teresa won’t be going to jail. Apparently she is counting on probation as her punishment — but that could change. Don’t forget that a judge has the final say in the case. It seems evident at this point, however, that Juicy Joe will be doing time.

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