MixedInk: Wiki Meets Digg

MixedInk is a new collaborative wiki service with a strong dose of social voting, or as the company suggests: Wiki meets Digg. MixedInk aims to help users overcome the noise created by multiple contributions by adding a voting element to each user generated contribution.

The base of MixedInk, like any Wiki is a topic; an organizer proposes a topic and invites people to participate. Participants contribute ideas and opinions addressing the issue. They also edit and remix other people’s submissions. While this is going on, users can also rate other submissions, creating a social preference that allows the best contributions to rise to the top.

Demo video below. It’s an interesting idea, but it feels a little busy. On one hand you’ve got your Wiki elements, but users can edit other contributions before and during voting, so it wouldn’t be difficult for example to edit a higher ranking contribution to make it worse, or having done that using it as your own. Still, maybe it won’t be gamed, and it is different as an idea. One to watch.

Check out Slate’s Inauguration Speech wiki for an example of how it works here.

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