Quentin Tarantino Finds Intimate Home For ‘Hateful Eight’ In Colorado

Following the hugely successful Django Unchained (which earned a lofty $400 million-plus worldwide), Quentin Tarantino could have done anything he wanted — he could have made a $200 million film if he so chose, and it would have almost made sense. Since Tarantino’s debut in 1992 with Reservoir Dogs, his films have steadily gone up in budget, from a modest $1.2 million in his first film all the way to a booming $100 million in his seventh film (via Box Office Mojo). For this first time in his highly successful career, Tarantino will be taking a smaller budget for his next film. At $44 million, Hateful Eight will not only be a much more intimate film than the epic that was Django Unchained, but it will be shot exclusively in the state of Colorado, The Denver Post reports.

“The state has blessed a $5 million incentive package to help bring production of writer-director Quentin Tarantino’s eighth feature film to southwestern Colorado in December… The film’s Colorado budget includes $15.7 million for payroll, including a Colorado crew of 168, and $9.35 million in other in-state spending, including lodging. The state rebate of $5 million represents 20 percent of that spending.”

Although Hateful Eight’s budget is a step down from Tarantino’s previous film, it is worth noting that this marks Colorado’s biggest budget film since the original True Grit in 1969.

Big budgets aside, Hateful Eight, as stated earlier, looks to be more intimate than Django, with the entire set being built on a ranch. It is all very quite fitting from what we understand about the picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is largely going to be in a single confined setting, which a huge departure from Tarantino’s recent work, but not altogether alien for the director, whose first film was also largely confined to one set.

With most of the pieces set in place, Hateful Eight is ready to begin shooting early this December for a fall 2015 release date, although its cast is still up in the air. Back in August, The Inquisitr reported that Jennifer Lawrence was in potential talks for the part, but there is still no word whether or not that is the case. More recently, Viggo Mortensen was rumored for a role in the flick, but like every other casting rumor before it, nothing has been confirmed.

Unconfirmed rumors aside, Hateful Eight is definitely in a better position than it was as recent as six months ago, and film geeks around the world will no doubt rejoice when Tarantino’s next opus hits the silver screen in 2015.

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