Floyd Mayweather Jr: Boxer’s Bed Full Of Money Photo The Most Insane Yet

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known for flaunting boatloads of cash, but the latest photo on the boxer’s Instagram account is the most outrageous by far, and wins by decision.

Money Mayweather lived up to one of his many nicknames when he posted a shirtless snap of him in bed listening to an MP3 player. But the picture was less about Floyd than it was about what was in the foreground: copious amounts of currency, Jack (in the spirit of Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty).

About 15 stacks of cash, each valued at $50,000 (five straps of $10,000) are visible. The stacks, commonly called “bricks” in the gaming industry, total about $750,000, based on what can seen from the picture.

Because Floyd Mayweather Jr. deals in “rounds,” it’s likely there are at least five more bricks that are out of plain view, which means the flamboyant face of the Money Team is surrounded by at least a cool $1 million, which is a drop in the bucket compared to his year-to-date earnings. Sources say Mayweather, the highest-paid professional athlete in the world, earned 100 times the amount likely seen in his man cave sleeping quarters.

And if the mobile Fort Knox on Floyd’s bed isn’t enough to make a convincing argument over how much richer Mayweather Jr. is than you, check out the $500 bills resting against his arm. Who knew that currency was still in circulation?

And to show off a little more vanity about his enormous wealth, which places in the, hmm, 1 percent, Floyd enlisted some help from his legion of boxing minions on Twitter in order to arrive at an appropriate caption for his bed full of cash money.

Two weeks ago, the boxer earned another hefty payday, a reported $32 million, for defeating Argentine challenger Marcos Maidana in a quick turnaround rematch. The first time the pair met, Mayweather Jr. labored against the formidable opponent, but in the end, Floyd won by decision.

When they met again early this month, it was like taking candy from a baby. Mayweather was more sprightly and deft on his feet. From the first round until the bell rang signaling an end to the bout, Floyd Mayweather Jr. owned the ring. Perhaps the bed full of money photo represents the boxing champion counting his take after Uncle Sam took his portion.

Last year during one of many interviews, Floyd spoke about his rags to riches story. Love him or hate him, he’s the product of a dream nearly deferred, wrote E! Online.

“I feel like I beat all odds being where I am today with my mother [Deborah Orr] being on drugs, my father going to prison [for drug trafficking], no stable home. At one time, (we) stayed in New Brunswick, N.J., (with) seven people in one bedroom.”

Now, if only Bob Arum and Company can make the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight happen. Should this dream match take place, Floyd, the serial money-counter, will have to get a bigger boat, ehem, bed.

Enjoy more of Floyd’s money photos beginning now.

[Image via Blogiyke, Instagram]

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