‘Teen Wolf’ Actor on ‘Criminal Minds’: Ian Nelson to Discover the Dark Side of Selfies

A Teen Wolf actor will appear on a season 10 episode of Criminal Minds. Ian Nelson, who played a younger version of Derek on Teen Wolf, will head to the Behavioral Analysis Unit on the upcoming season.

According to TV Line, Nelson will be playing an emotionally complex teen on Criminal Minds who deals with taunting he and his friends receive. Specifically, they are taunted by morbid selfies being posted on the Internet. When the Teen Wolf star was asked when his Criminal Minds episode would air, the actor responded on Twitter that fans can see him on the CBS show on November 12. It is not known yet if Ian will return to Teen Wolf or work on other projects.

Nelson is not the only actor from Teen Wolf that will be appearing on the CBS crime drama this year. A report from TV Line back in August stated that Alicia Coppola will be appearing in Criminal Minds season 10, episode 4 as Lisa Randall. Alicia’s character is the leader of a Morgellons syndrome support group who will do whatever it takes to protect the group members’ privacy. Coppola played the part of Talia Hale on Teen Wolf in 2013. There is also another connection between the two shows. Jeff Davis, creator of Criminal Minds also happens to be the showrunner for Teen Wolf.

Other Criminal Minds season 10 spoilers recently revealed that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be added to the cast. Unlike Ian and Alicia, who will guest star, Hewitt will be a recurring character and is part of the BAU team. TV Guide posted details about her character, FBI agent Kate Callahan. The report states that Callahan has a background in criminal psychology and her passion is to make the world a safer place. Criminal Minds executive producer Erica Messer said that Kate has suffered a lot of personal loss, which makes her a patriot and someone that nurtures others in both her personal and professional families.


Other actors confirmed to join Criminal Minds in season 10 include C. S. Lee of Dexter and Kerr Smith from Dawson’s Creek. Lee will appear in the second episode as a high school English teacher with a deadly obsession. Smith has been cast as Frank Cowles, according to Venture Capital Post, who is an acromotophile (a collector of human limbs).

Criminal Minds season 10 will premiere on CBS on October 1. What do you think of Teen Wolf star Ian Nelson appearing on the show?

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