‘The Amazing Race 25’ Spoilers: Have The Final 3 Teams Been Revealed?

Season 25 of The Amazing Race premieres Friday night on CBS, and it looks like it could be a very interesting season. Fans are anxious for The Amazing Race spoilers regarding who will stick around this season, and it does appear that the final three teams may have already been revealed. Who is said to last all the way to the finale leg this season?

This is a show that has a tendency to be spoiled pretty thoroughly thanks to social media and dedicated spoiler fans. The Amazing Race spoiler sleuths keep close tabs on sightings at airports around the world during filming, and that has been the case for season 25 as well. If TAR spoilers for Season 25 are correct, the final three teams have already been uncovered.

According to the Survivor Sucks forum, the final three teams were spotted as they returned to Los Angeles for the final leg of the race during filming. Who apparently makes it that far this time around? The Amazing Race spoilers for the final three teams indicate that Maya Warren and Amy DeJong, Misti Raman and Jim Raman, along with Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks will face-off in the final scramble.

Of those three teams, Bethany and Adam will be the ones who many fans will recognize. Bethany Hamilton is a surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack when she was just 13-years-old. She is now married to Adam Dirks, a youth minister. This isn’t Bethany’s first time dabbling in reality TV, but this is certainly a different kind of challenge for her.

CBS reveals that Maya and Amy are friends and colleagues. They are being touted as “food scientists” from Madison, Wisconsin. The food science Ph.D. students from the University of Wisconsin, Madison may seem like longshots to win on paper, but this all-female team apparently will give the other teams a serious run for their money. Could Maya Warren and Amy DeJong end up winning Season 25 of The Amazing Race?

Jim and Misti Raman are the other team said to be in the Season 25 final leg, according to The Amazing Race spoilers. Misti and Jim are married to one another, and they hail from Columbia, South Carolina. Misti, 36, is a cosmetic dentist, and Jim, 37, is an orthodontist. They are an ambitious duo who seem to already embrace traveling, fitness, and adventure, so it’s pretty clear they will be serious contenders. Many TAR fans have a hunch that Misti and Jim end up being the Season 25 winners.

Reality TV fans may recognize another team, though it doesn’t seem that these two necessarily last long. Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson met on Survivor: South Pacific. Though Whitney, a country singer and former Nashville Star contestant, was married to someone else at the time, the two fell in love and they were engaged during the filming of TAR. Whitney and Keith got married after filming, in July, in a ceremony in Tennessee.

Based on TAR spoilers out at this point, it would seem that Whitney and Keith make it about halfway through Season 25 before they are eliminated. Will The Amazing Race final three indeed be Jim and Misti Raman, Maya Warren and Amy DeJong, along with Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks this season? Fans will be tuning in to CBS every Friday night to find out.

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