‘Parenthood’: Bidding Farewell To The Bravermans Will Be The Hardest Thing Ever

Parenthood Season 6 premiered on Thursday night, and proved just one thing: Saying farewell to the Bravermans is going to be the hardest thing to do… ever. For fans of the NBC show, knowing that there are only 12 more episodes to go before the Braverman family signs out of their lives forever is downright devastating. And for those who haven’t tuned in over the previous five seasons, well, they may never actually know what an amazing show they have missed.

The season premiere did not disappoint, and the preview for next week made every tear up (Peter Krause getting choked up is too much to handle). As fans were taken on their very first trip with Zeek to Las Vegas, everyone was feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness. Why? Well perhaps it is because this show depicts how family is really supposed to be… and how the love and support between parents, brothers, sisters, and spouses is the most important thing in life.

NBC’s Parenthood

The first episode of Parenthood gave viewers a pretty good indicator of how things are going to progress this season. For starters, Julia (played by actress Erika Christensen) and Joel’s marriage is going to be put to the test. Although Joel (Sam Jaeger) wanted out last season, he is now wearing his wedding ring and spending time with his family on a more regular basis. However, it might be too late for Julia, who is now (apparently) sleeping with her boss — the third guy she’s hooked up with since Joel told her he wanted out. That’s going to be a lot for Joel to handle — if Julia ever tells him. This will be the second biggest storyline this season.

The biggest storyline will be that of Zeek (played by actor Craig T. Nelson), who is having some health issues. There is some speculation that Zeek Braverman is going to die by the end of the series, but that would leave fans absolutely devastated and might be way too much for viewers to handle. However, the show has been very emotional over the years, and this could be done tastefully in a very powerful way. According to Bustle, Zeek’s death is something that could really happen — and some fans are convinced that it will. Get the Kleenex ready.

Parenthood has a way of making viewers feel like they are a part of something. The Bravermans have become such a huge part of so many people’s lives that not having them every Thursday night is going to be really tough. However, the show almost got canned several times over the past few years, so at least there will be some closure at the end. Unfortunately, the show didn’t get the recognition it deserved during its five season (so far) run.

Monica Potter was the only actress ever nominated for a major award. After she gave an outstanding performance of a cancer patient (now a cancer survivor), Monica was nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actress in 2014. She did not win, however. In 2013, Potter was nominated for a TCA for individual achievement in drama. She didn’t win that time either. In 2013, Potter won the Critics’ Choice TV Award for best supporting actress in a drama series. There have been a couple of more “honorable mention” type awards for actresses Sarah Ramos and Erika Christensen, but all of the cast did outstanding work that many feel should have been acknowledged.

Here are some other things that will play out on smaller scales this season.

Sarah and Hank seem to be doing well, but with Hank’s daughter coming back into his life, it’s going to be tough for Sarah to find her place. Adam and Christina (Monica Potter) have opened their new school — and their son, Max, actually decided to give it a try, which was so moving to watch. Crosby and Jasmine have settled in as a family of four… but will another baby be on the way for them? Or perhaps Jasmine will be offered the job of a lifetime (she’s a dancer).

Amber (Mae Whitman) is pregnant. Haddie (Sarah Ramos) is home from college, and there are a lot of questions surrounding her sexuality following a lesbian relationship that was uncovered in Season 5. Max will also be coming into his own as he’s growing up fast. What else do you want to see play out over the next several weeks?

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Will you miss the Bravermans?

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