Hugh Jackman’s Wife Deborra-Lee Furness Doesn’t Want To Be Called ‘Lucky’

Hugh Jackman has been at the top of many desirable lists for years now, and because of that his wife Deborra-Lee Furness has been the woman behind the man. It’s a common struggle with all couples where one has to share the limelight with their famous other half.

The two have been married for 18 years, and have two children together, son Oscar, 14, and daughter Ava, 9.

Instead of letting Jackman’s popularity ruin their marriage, Furness has been open about how she’s perceived in the media, and what she will no longer tolerate.

Deborra-Lee Furness does not want to be known as “lucky” for being Hugh Jackman’s wife. Although this may seem puzzling to some people, it’s understandable why she wouldn’t want to be referred to as lucky. Saying that she’s lucky diminishes her own achievements and status in the relationship. When she’s referred to as “lucky,” it puts a thick curtain in front of her own achievements as a wife and a mother.

Furness elaborated on this point of view to Australian Women’s Weekly.

“That to me is a putdown. [It’s] like you suggesting I won the chook raffle. I think we create our own destiny.”

And with destiny comes identity, which could get lost when you’re simply known for being your husband’s other half and nothing more.

She continued, “When people look at my life, they don’t know the challenges [I face], just like I don’t know someone else’s [challenges]. With every privilege, comes responsibility and challenges.”

Although Jackman has a larger than life presence up on the big screen, he has always made sure that everyone knows just how he sees his wife. Back in 2013, Jackman told YourTango that he considers himself lucky.

“She’s the greatest. I’m one of the lucky ones. She’s very wise, a great actress, and a great wife and mother. Did you see her host ‘The View’? She does it all. I’m really proud of her.”

As far as what Deborra rules in the house, Jackman said, “My wife says whenever anyone says to me, ‘Hey, Hugh, you’re looking kind of stylish’ then that’s the time I have to say, ‘Oh, that’s my wife.’ She told me, ‘Honey, I don’t need a lot of applause, but I do need it in the style department.”

Do you agree with Deborra’s thoughts about the media labeling her as the lucky one? Is this damaging to a marriage?

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