Joe Giudice Is ‘Absolutely’ Going To Jail, But What About Teresa?

Joe Giudice will be going to jail one way or another according to a new report. Sources say that Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe has been negotiating through his attorneys for not one but two cases, both which involve some amount of jail time. According to Radar Online, Joe will absolutely be going to jail… it’s just a matter of for how long at this point.

“He’s doing time for sure. There will be no probation in both cases. His attorneys will still ask for it, as they are obligated to do, but everyone knows it’s a foregone conclusion. The only uncertainty about how much time Joe will actually have to serve.”

Aside from the fraud case involving Joe and Teresa, Joe is also in trouble for helping his brother out by forging a driver’s license. Evidently the prosecution in that case has demanded that Joe go to prison, so he has been working out the details as far as amount of time served. A source says that the two sides are close to an agreement.

“Joe is in the final stages working out a plea deal in the forged driver’s license case. He will be allowed to serve time behind bars concurrently with time in the fraud case. Prosecutors in the forged drivers license case are going to sign off on it. So even if the federal judge in the bankruptcy fraud case gave Joe probation or house arrest, he’ll still be going to prison.”

Joe Giudice was just told that he will be going to jail no matter what. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joe’s lawyers delivered the news to him this week. While it’s possible that Joe could do under a year behind bars, many seem to think that he will be forced to serve over two years. As mentioned above, Joe will be allowed to serve both sentences concurrently, which is, perhaps, the only positive for him. Well, that, and the fact that he probably won’t get deported back to Italy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa Giudice likely won’t be going to jail. Although her plea deal allowed for about two years behind bars, sources say that Teresa will get away with house arrest and/or probation.
The Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars will be in court on Thursday, Oct. 2. Bravo cameras are expected to film some footage though it is unknown if they will be allowed to film inside the courtroom.

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