Espanola Police Station Ghost Sighting: NM Cop Captures Footage, Believes In Paranormal [Video]

Was the grainy image moving across surveillance monitor at the Espanola police station really a ghost? Well, according to cops in New Mexico, who captured the ghostly figure in a high-security area, they believe it was a legitimate ghost sighting. If it was a paranormal visitor at the Espanola Police Department facility, who you gonna call — Ghostbusters?

This strange news story of an Espanola Police Station ghost began on Saturday when police officer Karl Romero was keeping a trained eye on a group of security cameras that monitored the heavily-fortified facility.

Suddenly, as if something out of the Twilight Zone, Romero sees a blurry figure ambling across the part of the Espanola police station called a sally port. It’s another name for a layered form of physical security against attacks or escapes.

In its formal definition, “a sally is a military maneuver, typically during a siege, made by a defending force to harass isolated or vulnerable attackers before retreating back behind their defenses.”

The ghoulish-looking figure in the video is seen walking along the outer perimeter of the fence before appearing to phase through, similar to what you’d see in a science fiction movie or from a character in a video game.

Assuming it was a ghost at the Espanola police station, once it entered the secure area, it proceeded in a northwesterly direction before vanishing. The officer on duty that night insists that the image he saw moving across the screen was likely a ghost, but he can’t be sure.

“At first I thought it was a fly, a moth and then I saw the legs and it was a human.”

A detective at the Espanola police station, Solomon Romero (relationship unknown to Karl), talks about strange occurrences that have taken place on the property in the past, according to a KOAT 7 news report.

“A lot of our officers have seen certain things. Some of our officers have felt what appears to be someone breathing down their neck as they’re working on reports in the briefing room.”

On the question of his belief in the Espanola Police Station ghost or the undead, the detective made the startling admission.

“I do believe in ghosts. It’s hard to say but I do believe it was a ghost.”

What makes this story believable is that the sighting of a “ghost” came from the observations of a sworn member of law enforcement. Additionally, according to Romero, no human or animal can get through the cordoned off area without electronic access from someone in the control room. And if a security breach took place, a number of alarms would have sounded.

This recent paranormal sighting is not the first time officers were spooked at the station. Several other officers confirm they’ve seen many strange images in the lobby, and frequently hear unexplained noises.

In keeping with its formal definition, perhaps the Espanola Police Station ghost was a former prisoner who was returning from the dead to give the cops the business — a little payback, if you will.

Do you believe the footage was an authentic ghost sighting or the work of a video hacker?

[Image via: the guardian]

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