The RIAA is going to hate this site

New BitTorrent index offers something many BitTorrent sites don’t offer: a user friendly, e-commerce like interface. specializes in music only, and indexes torrents, as opposed to hosting the torrent themselves. The front end looks like a music store, with popular artists, last albums, and categorization by music type.

According to Torrent Freak, the site owner started the site due to his frustration with public P2P sites and private trackers: “I always use BitTorrent to get my fix, but I was disappointed with all the public indexers and private trackers. I found the experience of searching for music on public trackers very tiresome, always having to navigate through a lot of irrelevant search results and dead torrents, and was tired too of the strict rules of most of the private trackers and the elitism of some of their communities.”

Browsing around the site, you get the felling this is a site that might open doors to more downloading by being so much more approachable than a PirateBay or Mininova, and that’s sure to make it a target of the RIAA. You can visit here before it gets shut down.

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