Ellen Page And Kate Mara Take On ‘True Detective’ In Parody [Video]

Everyone has been talking about True Detective — from the casting announcements, to the mystery behind Season 2. So naturally, Funny or Die decided to capitalize on the frenzy regarding the cast for Season 2 by coming up with their own version of the show.

Tiny Detectives features actresses Ellen Page and Kate Mara in the roles of two very tiny detectives. Ellen Page is 5’1 and Kate Mara is 5’2 and together they make up the worst detectives alive.

As the parody trailer shows, the these two tiny ladies don’t make for the best detectives. All of their problems stem from their vertically challenged statures. They’re afraid of step ladders, miss out on huge briefings while sitting in the last row, and aren’t able to quite make out the clues at the scene of the crime.

One snippet sees Ellen Page struggling to see over the wheel of a car. When Mara offers her a solution, she whines that the team should have gotten her a smart car — obviously they’re optimal for vision.

We’re going to spare you some of the details that go into this hilarious trailer. We can only hope that Ellen Page and Kate Mara put out mock episodes as the tiny detectives or at least give us two more videos of behind the scenes. Seeing Kate Mara struggling to lift Ellen Page is bound to bring golden outtakes.

So far a ton of people have reacted to the viral sensation of Tiny Detectives.

Aside from Tiny Detectives, Kate Mara and Ellen Page have their plates full with projects. Ellen has Into The Forest with Evan Rachel Wood, and Kate Mara just wrapped on The Fantastic Four and is gearing up for The Martian.

We only wish these ladies didn’t have to be so busy so Tiny Detectives can actually be a real thing.

Tiny Detectives with Kate Mara and Ellen Page from Kate Mara

[Image via Funny or Die]

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