‘Scandal’ Thursdays Are Here! The Cast Heads To Ellen DeGeneres [Video]

In case you didn’t know — Scandal Thursdays are here! Later tonight, ABC is launching their first ever full night of primetime from Shonda Rhimes’ production company. All three shows — Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and the anticipated show How to Get Away with Murder — make up the entire primetime line up for Thursdays.

It’s a milestone in an industry where women are still hitting a brick wall to get in. Additionally, as an African American show runner, Shonda is representing the community and giving opportunity to actresses like Viola Davis, who are usually pushed into supporting roles without having the screen time to show their true strengths as performers.

Rhimes started her production company with Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. Not only did it prove to network heads that a woman can successfully run a drama and exceed with high ratings, it also put a very diverse cast on the map. Now that Grey’s has had its day and is no longer a rookie, Scandal is coming forward in its fourth season to promote the Thursday night line up, while ushering in a hopeful hit in How to Get Away with Murder.

The cast of Scandal appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to kick things off for the new season. Star Kerry Washington answered any and every question DeGeneres asked, including who she looks forward to kissing between her co-stars Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley.

“I don’t enjoy either one, I think they’re both lovely men.”

Goldwyn quipped, “I covered my ears at exactly the right time. I actually didn’t hear that.”

Washington explained, “But I love my job and I like that I get to work with such talented, extraordinary guys, but it’s awkward.”

As for the men, they didn’t get off the hook easily either. DeGeneres asked that their wives think of their steamy love scenes. Foley said that his wife was okay with it.

“We actually had a viewing party of the first episode that I was in, and Kerry and I had to make out. And we had a viewing party and my wife was there. After the love scene, it was sort of quiet because no one knew how Marika was gonna act. And she broke the silence and said, ‘Why don’t you bring some of that home?!'”

It wouldn’t be an Ellen episode if she didn’t rope someone into a game. The Scandal cast seemed to have a fun time playing the “Scandal Secret Showdown,” where they had to guess each other’s secrets.

Take a look at the fun appearance below, and don’t forget to tune into Scandal Thursdays for a night of Shonda fun!

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