‘Josh Altman Lacks Sophistication And Class’ Says ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star James Harris

Josh Altman is aggressive when it comes to real estate. On Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, fans have seen him prioritize his business deals over his own wedding planning. But it isn’t just his future wife who thinks he is too much. His two new co-stars, James Harris and David Parnes, don’t like the way Altman does business.

Josh Altman is all about selling the dream, and he has never hidden that he will do whatever possible for his clients. He has an impressive resume, and it is no secret he is good at his job. But his aggressive approach doesn’t sit well with the agents who have to deal with him.

According to a new Bravo report, Josh Altman is being accused of lacking sophistication and class by his Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles co-star, James Harris.

“Watching the episode again, I still can’t believe Altman’s behavior. I stand behind my assessment that he lacks sophistication and class in many instances. I found it extremely unprofessional for him to corner me about my own business partner behind his back,” Altman’s co-star James Harris explains.

“However, as you saw, Altman’s aggressive attitude and attempt to intimidate only drives me and David to work harder to elevate our real estate game! It will make for an interesting situation should we have to do a deal with him in the near future. Bring it on!” Harris adds.

This isn’t the first time Josh Altman’s behavior was called into question. According to The Inquisitr, Altman has been called disrespectful on the show by his co-stars earlier in the season. In addition, there have been rumors circulating that Josh isn’t getting along with Mauricio Umansky.

These two used to work together on previous episodes, but Mauricio’s comments just a few weeks ago hint that things have gone sour between them. He didn’t clarify, but Josh Altman hasn’t filmed with him this season.

And even though Altman is very aggressive in his real estate career, he doesn’t want to lose his future wife, Heather Bilyeu. The two have been trying to plan their wedding, but even during a brief appointment, Josh couldn’t stop himself from taking phone calls.

It sounds like his co-stars believe that Josh Altman can change his attitude slightly and still be an aggressive seller. Dropping the rude and disrespectful attitude may actually get him more clients.

What do you think of Josh Altman’s way of doing business on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles?

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