‘Scandal’ Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Everything Falls Apart Without Olivia Pope

The Scandal Season 4 premiere is set for later tonight. With an earlier time slot on ABC, fans have even less time to wait for the return of Olivia Pope and the gang. But where is Olivia? Everyone is asking that big question right now. TV Guide shared new spoilers for the Scandal season premiere, and Olivia definitely left Washington D.C. behind when she boarded that plane with Jake.

When Scandal picks up the action later tonight, it will be two months after the end of Scandal Season 3. Olivia and Jake have not returned to D.C. yet, and no one knows where they are. Olivia did not contact anyone following her exit. A preview shared by the Scandal ABC Facebook page shows Fitz trying to call Olivia’s phone. There is no answer. The Scandal clip ends with a shot of Olivia on the beach drinking a glass of wine.

How will Olivia’s disappearance affect her relationship with Fitz? He will not be happy at all that she left him. She went off with another man, and he will not be pining for her like usual. However, this is not the end of Fitz and Olivia. Tony Goldwyn did speak out about the future of the couple.

“As much as Fitz would like to or think he can, it’s not a possibility [for him to] fully, completely give up on her. No matter what they think they’re supposed to do, there’s this gravitational pull between them. Maybe that’s why she comes back. I’m not saying it is, but we know they’re the central tension of the show.”

Olivia’s exit is not all that her friends are dealing with when Scandal picks up the action. Harrison died at the end of Scandal Season 3, and his death will have an impact on his co-workers. Olivia Pope & Associates shut down after her exit, and everyone is off doing their own thing. However, Abby will have a difficult time dealing with the death of Harrison. TV Line shared a teaser for the new Scandal season from Darby Stanchfield.

“[His death] affects her in way I never saw coming. It affects her deeply, profoundly. You will see in the very first scene how Abby is different.”

Columbus Short departed Scandal at the end of Season 3. Before his departure, the man experienced legal problems. Us Weekly reported on Wednesday that he still plans to host a Scandal Season 4 premiere party at his home in Atlanta.

Fans should expect big changes during Scandal Season 4. A casting change is among them. The Inquisitr previously reported that the role of Karen Grant had been recast for the new Scandal season. Mary Mouser, previously seen on Body of Proof on ABC, took over the role.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of Scandal to ABC?

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