Katie Holmes Called One Of Hollywood’s ‘Hot Babes With Ugly Legs’ In Controversial Article

Katie Holmes is no stranger to tabloid speculation and scrutiny on her personal life, but a new story from the Times of India identifying her as one of the entertainment industry’s “hot babes with ugly legs” has stirred up more controversial than usual.

The actress, who was described as the “cute and pretty” ex-wife of Tom Cruise, was singled out in the story for her “rather thick legs with muscular calves.”

The story targeted others, including singer Brittney Spears, actress and activist Angelina Jolie, and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

“Some of the prettiest faces in show business fail to get close to a perfect 10 when it comes to their bodies. But then, no one’s perfect, right?,” wrote author Nasreen Khan.

Critics have called the story body-shaming at its worst, and people all over the globe have spoken out against it. Louise Court, editor-in-chief at the British Cosmopolitan, said she was shocked to see the story calling out Katie Holmes and close to a dozen others.

Court told The Independent, “This Times of India article actually made my jaw drop – which I should probably add, in the spirit of things, could do with more definition and was cushioned as it hit the desk by a bit of a double chin.”

“It is like an article from Viz. Women’s bodies are not fair game. Creating the ideal of a ‘perfect’ image that women should look like is vile to the celebrities criticised but also heaps inferred pressure and criticism on the rest of womankind.

“I was infuriated by it – but women struggling with their body image are made even more vulnerable.

“This article is just mean and pointless. We should be focusing on the talent of the women on that list – not what they look like. Angelina Jolie is an Oscar winner and global humanitarian. Sarah Jessica Parker is an Emmy award winning actress and producer and fashion designer. Do you want me to go on? The conversation should be about their achievements.”

News.au.com writer Victoria Craw said the story calling out Katie Holmes and other celebrities was “a hideous piece of body-shaming,” writing, “As if women need any more to worry about on top of their jobs/kids/friends/family/partners plus trying to get to the gym/eat carbs/not eat carbs/dye their hair/keep on top of general maintenance — if that’s what they even want to do.”

Katie Holmes herself has not commented on the story, nor have any of the other “hot babes with ugly legs.”

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