Pregnant Kate Middleton Bans Camilla Parker-Bowles From Family, Gets Revenge?

With the latest news on the Royal Family, one lesson is apparent: don’t mess with a pregnant Kate Middleton. And one target of the Duchess of Cambridge’s angst during her “problem” pregnancy is Camilla Parker-Bowles. Rumor is, Duchess Kate has banned the Duchess of Cornwall from the family, a major step towards exacting revenge on her nemesis.

This buzz about Kate and Company reads like something from an episode of The Young and the Restless or As the World Turns, but according to the latest issue of the Globe via it’s partner, Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kate Middleton has gone ballistic over the antics of Camilla Parker-Bowles and wants her clear out of sight from the family, especially during her pregnancy.

Duchess Kate Middleton and Camilla appear on the October 6 issue of Globe magazine with the headline “Royal mom BANS Camilla as she battles PROBLEM PREGNANCY” with an apparent quote from the Duchess of Cambridge saying, “YOU’RE NOT PART OF OUR FAMILY ANYMORE.”

If you’re not familiar with the rift between Kate and Parker-Bowles, it’s worth mentioning to put the whole thing in perspective. The prevailing gossip is that Camilla, Prince Charles’ second wife, has been leaving a trail of havoc in Kate Middleton’s path at every juncture.

Evidently, CPB sees the beloved and newly-pregnant Kate Middleton an obstacle that’s in her way in rising to the British Monarchy as next in line to the Queen’s throne. With Duchess Kate being groomed by the media as a favorite to replace The Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall allegedly has been brewing up a toxic mix of drama for Prince Williams’ bride.

Sources say Camilla is hard at work on creating a procession of lies and gossip about Kate Middleton while she’s with child. Recently, an unnamed source said that Parker-Bowles and Princess Eugenie recently talked smack behind the duchess’ back when they learned the news of her second pregnancy.

“They’re jealous that they can’t get nearly half the media coverage that Kate regularly does, even though they fancy themselves to be ‘true’ royals. They don’t like the fact that this ‘commoner’ has come into their family and is stealing all the attention. Plus, they’ve been going around behind her back, commenting on how all she’s good for is breeding and birthing more heirs to the throne.”

And the behind-the-back bullying of the royal mommy-to-be continued when Kate Middleton came down with another severe case of morning sickness. Then, the “wretched” Camilla, as the tabloid refers to Prince Charles’ wife, said pregnant or not, Kate needs to suck it up. These fighting words came after Middleton canceled her Malta tour when she fell ill and had to be briefly hospitalized.

It’s hard to conceive that the kind of jousting is going on among royals over the British throne. The banning of Camilla is quite on par, especially from the beloved and pregnant Kate Middleton, who has experienced her share of criticism since marrying her prince. Perhaps The Queen should wave her royal scepter and make everyone live happily ever after.

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