Teresa Giudice’s Attorney Tells Her To Keep Quiet Before Sentencing

Teresa Giudice’s attorney has advised her to keep quiet until her Oct. 2 sentencing. According to Radar Online, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star has been told to “quit” Twitter and to keep her mouth shut until after her hearing. Apparently her legal team isn’t too thrilled with what has been out in the press, and they feel that Teresa should save herself any additional negative attention. This advice is some that Teresa should take — she should be focusing on her family one hundred and ten percent right now.

“After reading the report of Teresa carrying such a high priced designer bag, her lawyers were furious. It just looks bad after coming out of her bankruptcy drama. Teresa told her attorneys that the producers asked her to carry the designer handbag, and she felt obligated to do so, but they were still mad and told her to keep quiet.”

Joe and Teresa Giudice could both find themselves serving time, as the plea deal that they reached did have the possibility of jail time attached. Joe could go away for about four years while Teresa is looking at a lesser sentence of about two. Apparently Teresa thinks that she is going to get off with just probation, but the chances of Joe going to jail are much higher. For this reason, Teresa is preparing for the worst.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the reality star is planning on down-sizing when it comes to her family’s home. She and Joe have listed three properties for sale and were looking to buy something a bit more affordable, if you will. They are looking in the million dollar range — which is still going to afford them some pretty nice digs. The first house that Teresa checked out was a whopping 8,800 square feet!

Judging by Teresa Giudice’s Twitter feed, she has taken her attorney’s advice. She has not tweeted anything since Sept. 23 (and that was a retweet). Again, this is probably for the best. Teresa and Joe need to spend the next week or so with their four daughters, and they really need to make sure that they have solid plans ready to go pending their hearing. It is a very stressful time for the Giudice family, but they got themselves into this mess, so they need to get themselves out.

Do you think Teresa or Joe will go to jail? Do you think that either of them should?

[Photo courtesy of Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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