Jasmine Tridevil Claim Is A Hoax: Prosthetic Breasts Found In Tridevil’s Luggage At Airport

Jasmine Tridevil’s claim about her three breasts is a hoax. That’s the latest news about the viral three-breasted sensation Jasmine Tridevil, whose dimly lit videos and grainy photographs showing her unusual upper body have been burning up the internet for the past few days. A plastic surgeon weighed in on the subject of Jasmine Tridevil’s claim that she has a third breast, and what he had to say could put an end to the woman’s 15 minutes of fame — if anyone will listen.

“I would be happy to go on record claiming that this is a falsified story and essentially not possible,” board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman M.D. told the Daily Dot.

That’s not all. A major website has declared her chest a hoax, and evidence of her trickery was found at an airport after her luggage was stolen.

In addition to the plastic surgeon’s expert opinion, Snopes has labeled Jasmine Tridevil’s claim a hoax. The website cited several reasons for calling it a hoax. Tridevil is an obvious pseudonym; the term “tridevil” refers to an unsavory sexual practice which is too obscene to describe here.

Her real name is Alisha Hessler, and there is no third-party confirmation of the validity of her claims. Her skin tone is inconsistent in a video where she flaunts her triple-wide chest. The list goes on and on. Perhaps most important is Jasmine Tridevil’s claim that the plastic surgeon made her sign a nondisclosure agreement takes the possibility of confirming the procedure with the surgeon who allegedly performed it off the table.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jasmine Tridevil claimed she paid a plastic surgeon $20,000 to implant a third boob between the two existing mounds on her chest. After being sent away empty handed by dozens of plastic surgeons, the 21-year-old massage therapist reportedly found a doctor who was willing to use a skin graft from her belly to form a pouch for the extra breast.

According to Jasmine Tridevil’s own Facebook page, which describes her as “a woman who got a 3rd breast implant and films her daily life in Tampa to show the struggles she faces because of her surgery,” it seems that something unusual was discovered in her bag when she went to the airport. Could the bag’s contents hold the key to the viral hoax? From the three-breasted woman’s comment, it appears that a trio of prosthetic boobs was found in her luggage.

“The contents found in my bag at the airport was a mold of my chest. A fan offered me $500 to make one for him. I had it made in Vegas. I have 3 breast implants. None are prosthetics. And I am going to provide physical proof very soon.”

TMZ has the story and a copy of the police report confirming the discovery inside Tridevil’s luggage. Her little secret was exposed when someone stole her bag at Tampa International Airport. Police caught the crook and inventoried the contents of the stolen bags, including hers. That’s when they found her prosthetic chest inside.

Comments on Jasmine Tridevil’s Facebook page have been divided. While some folks seem anxious for an end to the woman’s ticking 15 minutes of fame, others have suggested porn as a possible way to extend her time in the spotlight. People have also pointed out a similarity between her third boob and Squidward’s nose, and the fact that the wall behind her in her photos looks like it’s covered in bloody handprints. In other words, no stone is being left unturned as people dissect every aspect of Tridevil’s questionable story. For a woman who claims she had the third breast implanted to repel men, she certainly spends enough time posing for photographs in skimpy attire.

Now that the amount of evidence exposing her as a hoaxer has mounted, Jasmine Tridevil may find herself out of the spotlight. However, some people still find her YouTube videos mesmerizing. Do you?

[Image via Jasmine Tridevil Facebook]

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