Nude Woman In Keanu Reeves House, But Actor Didn’t Want Her There — Second Intruder In 2 Days

Keanu Reeves might want to spring for an upgrade to his home security system — assuming the eccentric actor even has one. For the second time in two days, according to a TMZ report, an intruder was found in the Matrix Trilogy star’s house. Both home invaders fortunately turned out to be harmless and both were women.

But the second intruder came with a special difference. When found on Reeves’ property, she was completely nude.

Both unsettling incidents occurred earlier this month. The first took place on September 12, as reported earlier by The Inquisitr, when the Speed leading man — who marked his 50th birthday just 10 days earlier — was awakened in his home by what were described as “strange sounds” coming from the library room at about 4 am.

Reeves investigated on his own, which may not have been the wisest move. But luckily all he found was a woman described later as in her 40s, sitting calmly in a chair. The 47 Ronin star kept his composure and engaged her in conversation until he was able to dial 911.

Authorities took the woman in to custody, sending her first for a psychiatric check-up.

Keanu Reeves was not present at his Hollywood Hills estate the next day, but he had professional cleaners at his house performing their regular clean-up duties. The cleaners apparently left a door to the Reeves house open, as well as the front gate — and an unidentified woman soon waltzed in and made herself at home.

In fact, she made herself so at home that the cleaners at first thought nothing of her presence at the house. It was only when the woman stripped off all of her clothes and showered in the Point Break star’s bathroom — and then, still totally nude, took a naked swim in the pool at Keanu Reeves’ house — that they presumed something was amiss.

That’s when the cleaners thought they ought to call Reeves and ask if the nude woman was anyone he knew — or what?

Reeves told the cleaners that she indeed was not — and the actor contacted the police again.

The nude woman in the home of Keanu Reeves was also taken for an evaluation of her mental state.

Keanu Reeves, who sprung to stardom in 1986 at the age of 22 with his performance as a conscience-stricken youth in The River’s Edge, can next be seen starring in the action thriller John Wick, which is scheduled to hit multiplexes across America on October 24.

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