WWE News: WWE Denies Brock Lesnar Having Heart Issues In Recent Statement

Shocking news surrounding Brock Lesnar surfaced yesterday about his health and absence from Monday Night Raw two nights ago. In a previous report on The Inquisitr, Lesnar was going through heart issues at Night of Champions. Lesnar’s facial expressions and the redness of his face would suggest a heart issue.

Washington Post received a statement from the WWE that would put down the chance of Brock Lesnar experiencing problems with his heart.

“Concerned fans are getting worked up for nothing, however, WWE officials say. Via an e-mailed statement to The Washington Post, the WWE contends, there is ‘no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health.’ The company did not offer an alternative explanation as to why Lesnar did not appear.”

If Lesnar did have health issues, the WWE wouldn’t allow him to wrestle, period. After Jerry Lawler’s heart attack a couple of years ago, the WWE became more strict then the MLB with their drug policy. That isn’t meant to be sarcastic; the WWE needs to be stricter than any other sports/entertainment organization. WWE houses the most physically-demanding sport in the world. So, the physical should mirror that.

Since Lesnar is healthy, then a new feud needs to be built. Therefore, who should be next for Lesnar? Well, logic would tell the WWE Universe that he needs a physical and large man to feud with. WrestleZone’s Justin LaBar thought of a great program for Lesnar that includes an up-and-coming superstar.

That would make too much sense though, right? Rusev never lost a match. For two weeks straight, he beat Mark Henry at his own game. At first glance, the Big Show seemed like the obvious choice, but he is too busy being Henry’s emotional cheerleader from the backstage area. How would it look on television that Show isn’t demonstrating his “larger than life” persona and simply coming off soft?

Rusev has the personality of a bonafide madman. Well, that should be the person Lesnar is looking for in regards to a program. While they are figuring out who their top champion will feud with, it seems like they will pit Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose in a steel cage.

For Brock Lesnar, his health is perfectly fine. Since his WWE future is not a concern, then his opponents need to be picked out immediately. Raw can’t go two weeks without Paul Heyman or Lesnar. That is inexcusable.

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