Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge, Dethroned By Cheryl Fernandez Versini?

Kate Middleton has sat upon the throne of fashion in the United Kingdom since her debut appearance at Prince William’s side. Whether taking a trip to the grocery store, kicking around a ball at the Invicta Games, or rubbing elbows with the most elite examples of British high society, her sense of fashion has gone unrivaled. However, Cheryl Fernandez Versini has nudged her way in to the hot seat as the premier British example of fashion excellence.

Cheryl Fernandez Versini, formerly Cheryl Cole, has erupted into the British fashion scene after marrying her husband, Jean-Bernard. Recently, she has stepped out onto the town with a dress that some believe could put Kate Middleton’s wardrobe to shame. Her metallic pink frock featured a low cut bustier top, and the fishtail hemline was stunning. Her nude pumps and ravishing diamond jewelry complimented her reflective clutch. The focus on her wardrobe received more attention from the media than Kate Middleton’s has in quite some time. It seems as though Kate may have taken a back seat as Cheryl Fernandez Versini sits upon the royal throne of fashion.

Cheryl Fernandez Versini
Cheryl Fernandez Versini

Is Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s royal treatment just a phase as Kate Middleton hides in the background as she manages her morning sickness and prepares herself for the oncoming baby bulge? It can be speculated that Kate Middleton is ecstatic to have the attention removed from her temporarily as she cares for her unborn child(ren) and relaxes as much as possible. Her health, and that of the life inside her womb, is undoubtedly more important than what color pant suit she is wearing and how well it clings to her body. On the other hand, Cheryl Fernandez Versini seems to be the perfect replacement for Britain’s queen of fashion.

The biggest difference between Kate Middleton’s and Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s style is the amount of skin each can show. Kate must be constantly aware of herself and maintain a proper cover up. As the future queen, she has a sense of integrity to uphold. Cheryl Fernandez Versini, on the other hand, is free to bare as much as possible to entice the cameras and hold their attention. Will the extra skin allow her to maintain the throne of fashion? Probably not. When Kate Middleton gives birth to her new child(ren), her first public appearance is sure to attract the fashion watchers of the world to check her out and compliment her post-pregnancy shape. Until then, Cheryl Fernandez Versini will be there to keep the seat warm and bow down when the time comes.

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