Gwen Stefani Sizzles On ‘The Voice’: Nab Her Nutty Low-Carb Organic Diet

Three dudes and a dame appeared on The Voice‘s premiere, but the dudes seemed to fade into the background when dynamic diva Gwen Stefani took on the role of damsel to desire. She glittered in gowns, sparkled in that ridiculously enormous red seat and stole the show, as the Washington Post reported on September 23. How’d Gwen Stefani get that smokin’ hot body? Read on to get her nutty low-carb diet tips.

Gwen Stefani is one very organic gal. Her dressing room food list reads like a floor plan for a health food store, according to a list of “artist demands” reportedly obtained by TMZ. Included are organic low-carb vegetables such as cucumbers and spinach, organic-grown whole cashews, and organic-grown whole almonds.

But while her low carb diet helps, Gwen Stefani works for her sleek physique with an intense fitness program. Her trainer suggests a high intensity cardio routine for fat-burning power. And for those amazingly toned arms? Gwen performs superset tricep exercises, according to InStyle.

Combine that sleek and sultry silhouette with a voice that left even the usually stoic Carson Daly with his mouth open in awe, and it’s clear that Gwen Stefani has become the queen of The Voice, reported the New York Daily News.

As she competed with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and the other newcomer Pharrell Williams for the best singers in the competition, Gwen Stefani got her game face on.

“None of these guys have really done what I’ve done,” pointed out Gwen.

Just in case you’re confused by the revolving cast of characters in those rotating chairs on The Voice, NBC attempted to make it clear, as the Inquisitr reported. While Gwen Stefani currently is stealing the show, Adam and Blake won’t have to hold a pity party for long when it comes to their inability to attract attention.

“Just like with Shakira, [Gwen Stefani] will switch off with Aguilera. While Gwen will fill in for Aguilera for season 7, which will start taping in June, Aguilera will be returning for season 8 which is set to air in the spring of 2015. As for Shakira she will be touring and promoting her new album,” said NBC.

Keeping it lively, Gwen Stefani took time to tweet live throughout The Voice. And for anyone who doubted that she would be as competitive as Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, Gwen made it clear from the get-go (say it with a drawl to mimic Blake) that she was there to win.

She mourned Blake’s wins:

Oh man! How did get her?? I don’t think he’s playing fair…

And rejoiced at her success:

YES! So pumped to have Menlik! My team keeps getting better.

So are you Team Gwen, Team Adam, Team Blake, or Team Pharrell? It’s time to choose sides!

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