Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Get Inspired By Today’s Music

Kendrick Lamar is currently putting together the highly-anticipated follow-up to his breakthrough album good kid, m.A.A.d. city. However, don’t expect a lot of modern influences on the record when it finally hits retail shelves.

Following up an acclaimed album is always tough, especially when all eyes are on what you’ll do next. While some artists might crack under the pressure of delivering a worthy sequel, Lamar seems up to the challenge. However, he’s not spending a lot of time with the stuff his contemporaries are churning out while piecing the project together.

During a quick chat with the folks over at Rolling Stone, Kendrick said he often studies music while hanging out in the studio. Instead of listening to what other musicians are churning out these days, he focuses his energy on the classics.

“I’m definitely a studio rat. I can go in the booth and do it all day, every day. Sometimes I go into the studio and study music. Just sit in there and vibe out to music that’s not really of the — Marvin Gaye or something like that… I haven’t been listening to a lot of the music that’s out right now. You can get influenced by it.”

However, this doesn’t mean Kendrick Lamar is turning his back on people who thoroughly understand the ins and outs of modern music. In addition to working alongside Flying Lotus, the rapper is getting some help from the legendary Dr. Dre.

“He’s just gone into the lab and made beats. He’s trying to find that next thing – just really elevating himself and the team to grow as a creator.”

According to MTV News, Lamar recently dropped his the tune “i” on the masses. The track, produced by Los Angeles-based hip-hop guru Rahki, focuses on staying positive in a world that constantly tries to bring everyone down.

They wanna say it’s a war outside / And a bomb in the street / And a gun in the hood / And a mob of police / And rock on a corner / And a line full of fiends / And a bottle full of lean / And a model on the scene. These days of frustration keep ya’ll on tuck and rotation / I duck these cold faces… Dreams and reality is peace/ Blow steam in the face of the beast / The sky can fall down / The wind can cry now / The strong in me, I still smile.”

What do you think about Kendrick Lamar’s latest single? Are you planing to grab a copy of his good kid, m.A.A.d. city follow-up when it finally drops?

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