Justin Bieber Skateboards In Venice: No Big Daddy, But Not Too Shabby [Video]

Justin Bieber got his sk8er boi — oh, right, that’s over. Justin Bieber got his skater boy on in L.A’s Venice Beach Skate Park on Tuesday afternoon and drew quite the crowd.

Which the 20-year-old star is obviously used to, but it is odd to see the Biebs surrounded by a crowd who were all on their phones.

Justin hit the park during a break in shooting scenes with former Baywatch leading man, David Hasseloff. The pair worked on scenes for a secret video and may have also worked on The Hoff’s comedy film, Killing Hasselhoff.

The duo were seen cruising in the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, better known to fans back in the day as K.I.T.T., in Hasselhoff’s hit eighties TV series Knight Rider.

Justin’s love for skateboarding certainly came in handy in the skate park, as the kid only pulled off a few tricks. But, the point is he kept trying, which is usually the only way to get better at anything.

Other skaters who gathered to watch the superstar were a reportedly encouraging crowd who got behind the Canadian when he finally landed a kick flip, after many, many, many tries and one fall.

Justin’s ever-present security were on hand and reportedly watched from the bikes area.

The “Heartbreaker” singer cut a fine figure on the park. He wore a baggy (not crazy levels of drop-crotch) pair of grey jeans, a long black tank that showed off his sleeve and a half of tattoos.

When he has finished skating, the singer jumped into his Rolls Royce and left Venice.

Local outlet Gabbist reports Justin “kept everyone entertained with his good humor” and befriended the locals.

Multiple pictures of the singer smiling and a few making silly faces at the skate park come on the heels of the Hoff’s and the Bieb’s day of shooting, which also produced smiles and hugs between the two stars.

Justin’s reunion with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez has likely also contributed to the heartthrob’s evidently happy mood.

The singer and his current writing partner, Australian Idol Cody Simpson, are reportedly just days away from releasing their first single from their duets album. The boys shot a music video last weekend which will likely be for the first single.

Justin has also just made the cut as No.3 on Billboard’s 2014 #21Under21 list, which — as the name states — compiles 21 of the brightest stars who are under 21.

So, a lot to get excited about for the Biebs.

Justin Bieber Skateboards In Venice

[Image via PacificCoastNews.]

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