Could Kroy Biermann’s Athletic Lifestyle Influence Wife Kim Zolciak?

Kroy Biermann played for the Atlanta Falcons before he met Kim Zolciak at a charity event where Sheree Whitfield was competing in a dance competition. At the time, Kim wasn’t planning on attending, but when she discovered Kroy, she was thrilled. The two started dating and soon, she was pregnant with their first child, KJ. And Zolciak’s daughters were very accepting of Biermann.

But Kroy Biermann may not be the person fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta would have picked for Kim. While Kroy’s entire career is dedicated to training, running and playing football, she prefers munching on pizza while getting a laser treatment for cellulite.

According to a new Instagram post, Kroy Biermann may be changing Kim’s mind about working out to achieve the look she wants. On the last couple of episodes of Don’t Be Tardy, the couple headed to Miami so she could undergo surgery for a breast lift and a tummy tuck. Kroy may have loved the way his wife looked prior to surgery, but Kim’s body had changed after carrying the twins.

Kroy Biermann fully supported his wife getting the surgery, but he reminded her that she had to work out to keep her new figure. And it sounds like Biermann’s advice may have worked. She posted a 30-day workout challenge on Instagram and asked her followers to join her.

“I’m seriously thinking about doing this! I’m already drinking like 3 Shakes a day from! Who wants to do this with me?! #BestShapeOfMyLife #310Shake #30DayChallenge,” Kim revealed on her Instagram this morning.

After Don’t Be Tardy aired this week, Zolciak shared her post-surgery results on Instagram. And Kroy’s wife was immediately bombarded with comments that her body had been photoshopped. However, the bathing suit picture was indeed a real picture of her brand new body and she fought back.

She had the surgery done by Dr. Lenny Hochstein, the husband of Lisa Hochstein from The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa always talked about how great her husband was at doing breast augmentations and Kroy Biermnn even called him “the best of the best” on Don’t Be Tardy.

Kroy Biermann was the primary caretaker of his wife after her surgery, according to The Inquisitr. And Kroy did a great job. His wife called him a great nurse and revealed that he had a future career in nursing, if the NFL doesn’t work out in the long run.

Do you think Kroy Biermann’s healthy lifestyle has influenced his pizza-loving wife?

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