Bethenny Frankel Releases Children’s Book After Rumors Of Breakdowns

Bethenny Frankel has managed to stay out of the spotlight since she wrapped the filming on her own show, Bethenny Ever After. At the time, Frankel admitted that there were issues in her marriage, something that viewers heard about during her various therapy sessions. After filing for divorce just months after she began filming her talk show, Frankel decided to stay out of the spotlight for a bit in regards to her private life. She only interviewed guests on her show and talked healthy living.

Legally, Bethenny Frankel continues to share her luxurious apartment with Jason Hoppy, even though they have been going through the messy divorce for years. They can’t agree on who should have custody of their daughter, Bryn. But Bethenny has been holding her head high and has continued to work on her Skinnygirl brand.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel recently announced that she had written and published a children’s book, which is based on real-life experiences. It is based on her dog, Cookie, and her daughter, Bryn, who is also called peanut.

“Well I once met a woman that said when she had her baby her dog became a dog,” Bethenny Frankel recently revealed about her book, adding, “Your dog is your baby and then you have a baby and your dog has to kind of take second position. And it’s such a relatable dynamic and you really worry about it.”

Bethenny was concerned about her dog’s reaction when she brought Bryn home from the hospital. At the time, Cookie didn’t like other people and she was very protective of her home. Now, Bethenny claims that Bryn and Cookie are starting to develop a friendship.

Bethenny Frankel has only shared a few cooking tips on her social media profiles over the summer, keeping her divorce drama to herself. She had a brief moment of criticism, when she decided to put her four-year-old daughter’s clothes on and snap a picture for Instagram. Many felt that she was sending her daughter the wrong message about health and body image, according to The Inquisitr.

In addition, the stress of the divorce may be getting to Frankel. It is no secret that Bethenny wants the divorce. She filed for it shortly before Christmas a couple of years ago, just days after asking for a separation. Bethenny Frankel has never given a reason for the divorce, but rumor has it that she is breaking down over it taking so long. Supposedly she recently snapped at the nanny, as Bryn broke a bottle at the liquor store.

“Bethenny lost it. She started yelling at Bryn’s nanny, saying, ‘I pay you to watch her, not sit around and stare!’…It looked like she was about to explode…She’s losing money by the minute. The stress is really getting to her…[Skinnygirl shapers] are going for half price at some retailers, and they’ve been removed from others. No one likes them,” a source has revealed about Frankel’s current business situation.

Many believe that her poor attitude and breakdowns have to do with money, as her empire is rumored to be struggling a little.

Are you surprised that Bethenny Frankel is releasing a children’s book now? Do you think it is a strategic move?

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