WWE News: CM Punk Set To Be Part Of A New WWE Studios Film

CM Punk left the WWE back in January of this year and has not looked back. Many WWE fans were saddened by this, and seem to be in the first step of grief, which is denial. They cheer for Punk at every show, somehow thinking that this will convince him to come back. Eventually, fans will stop cheering for a man who refuses to give them even as much as a reason for leaving. However, until that time comes, the chants will likely continue, especially when AJ Lee wrestles or comes out for segments.

What if, in some capacity, CM Punk did work with WWE?

It appears as if WWE fans are getting what they want… sort of. Punk will be in an upcoming WWE Studios film. Many felt that Punk was more than worthy of an opportunity to star in a WWE Films project, but there was never any word on him being part of one. However, now that his WWE stint is up, Punk will finally be in a WWE Film. Let us put this in perspective: the film was shot back in 2012. The studio held back the release for some reason. It was a joint project with WWE Films and Kare Productions. The movie is called Queens of the Ring. Yes, you read that right.

The movie is a comedy/drama that centers around a young mother who trains to become a wrestler in hopes of bonding with her estranged son. A bit of a stretch for a film, but certainly something that WWE would be part of. Interesting enough, WWE Films has been getting a lot of respect the last year or so due to some very good movies. A lot of them do not star a WWE Superstar or Diva as the main actor/actress, which could be why. However, a WWE star is in every WWE Films project in some capacity.

CM Punk is not the only wrestler in Queens of the Ring; The Miz and Eve Torres both have roles in the picture. The film is set for a direct-to-DVD and digital download release on November 11.

CM Punk walkaway

While this was filmed in 2012, the timing of the release couldn’t be worse for WWE and Punk. Punk has been giving WWE and 2K Sports trouble over the WWE 2K15 video game, which features him. WWE also contemplated suing Punk over breach of contract at one point. So there are a lot of things up in the air with Punk and WWE, though it all began with Punk.

WWE has tried to reconcile with Punk, but it seems the former WWE Champion wants to burn every WWE bridge he can. This is sad, as no fan really wants to see Punk out of WWE all together. Most originally felt that Punk would come back down the line, as he just needed a good bit of time away to heal and get his head right. Being on the road most of the year can be stressful and tiring. For a guy like Punk, who has been doing this a long time — over 15 years — his body cannot take so much after so long.

Now, people feel that we might not see CM Punk back in WWE. Again, he has burned a lot of bridges, and getting hired back could be an issue for him if he ever wanted to come back to the company. This is a very sad, but very true, fact. Queens of the Ring may very well be a good film, but we can only assume how Punk will react if he does not see a certain amount of payment for his role.

WWE already pulled all CM Punk merchandise off of WWEShop.com, and put him in their Alumni Section on WWE.com. He is also referred to as a former WWE Superstar in all new WWE Network material that stars him. So WWE is trying to separate themselves from Punk just as much as he is trying to push away from them.

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