Bruce Springsteen Turns 65, Still The Boss

Bruce Springsteen turns 65 and celebrates his birthday today, September 23. The musician, known as The Boss to his fans, has been praised for his songwriting and performances since the 1960s, and has connected with the working class through his studio records for over 40 years, starting withGreetings from Asbury Park, N.J. in 1972. Springsteen found his success with the 1984 release of Born in the U.S.A., an album that included the Billboard hits “Glory Days,” “Born in the U.S.A.,” “Cover Me,” and “Dancing in the Dark.”

Star Ledger also adds that the down-to-Earth singer still plays to “monstrous arena shows” and represents the “working class” through his most popular songs. Although eligible for social security soon, it’s difficult to see Springsteen as a senior citizen when he’s one of the greatest living rock stars.

Most recently, Star Ledger also covered a story about Springsteen’s unexpected popularity in the political realm through his self-proclaimed Springsteen super fan, New Jersey governor Chris Christie. The politician has repeatedly referenced Bruce Springsteen’s impact on New Jersey heritage. A recent poll revealed that 48 percent of those polled believed it was “kind of cool” of Christie to be such a big fan of The Boss. Christie has admitted to attending over 130 concerts throughout Springsteen’s career, a fact shared by many diehard fans of The Boss.

One characteristic of The Boss that continues to maintain the loyalty of his fans is that he’s still living in New Jersey. As a Freehold native, Bruce Springsteen was born at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch. His career began in New Jersey and held its ground there for decades, especially near Asbury Park. The Star Ledger reports that people see Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey often and he’s a regular member of the community down the Jersey Shore. A Long Branch resident recalls, “I saw him at Jack’s Music in Red Bank,” said Waclawik, also 65. “He was just looking through the CD rack. I didn’t bother him.”

Fans who are looking to celebrate the birthday of Bruce Springsteen can find a few tributes to The Boss today. Star Ledger notes that the Friends of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection are presenting An Evening with Thom Zimny at 7 p.m. at the Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University in West Long Branch today. Tickets are only $20, and fans can call 732-263-6889 for more details on tonight’s show. For those fans outside of New Jersey, Sirius/XM’s E Street Radio is featuring The Boss as a guest DJ every three hours via satellite radio.

Earlier this year, Inquisitr covered news of Bruce Springsteen embarking on a children’s publication based on his song, Outlaw Pete. The singer keeps busy with new music, too. His latest release, High Hopes, makes the 18th album release for The Boss, according to Billboard. It’s clear that having another birthday and turning 65 is not going to stop Bruce Springsteen.

(Image courtesy of Asbury Park Press File)

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