TNA News: Former WWE Announcer Potentially Joining TNA Wrestling Soon?

TNA Wrestling is known for bringing in former WWE talent, but this would be the first time they may have recruited a strict announcer to the team. TNA managed to bring in Tazz years ago, who now goes by Taz in TNA. He was a wrestler turned announcer, but came in under a different role. He was sort of a manager for Samoa Joe, and the two were part of a bit of a movement in TNA at the time. One that didn’t last long sadly. Christy Hemme, who is now a backstage interviewer and ring announcer, was also part of WWE before she came into TNA. She was, however, a WWE Diva and didn’t do much with this role in WWE.

So it is strange that TNA would recruit a straight announcer, but that seems to be what they have done. TNA put out a post on their website saying that Josh Mathews was at TNA headquarters

“Today, Josh Mathews was spotted outside of TNA Wrestling Headquarters in Nashville, TN. Matthews would later enter a closed door meeting with TNA executives. No details on what was said. However, will keep you current when additional details are available.”

The post was then deleted 30 minutes later, making people speculate. We do know that Josh Mathews was spotted at TNA’s New York Tapings a while back, shortly after his WWE release. However, many never considered him working with TNA at any point and thought he might have been there to visit friends. Matthews is from New Jersey, so a short drive up to New York from his home state didn’t seem like much of a big deal.

Many speculated at the time that Mathews had spoken with Dixie Carter and others about employment with the company. SoCal Val and TNA parted ways, causing Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash to do a lot of extra work with interviews and ring announcing. So Matthew could have a role somewhere in all of that. The issue is, Hemme and Borash have done well with their roles and Mathews being added to that wouldn’t make much sense.

Matthews could easily have a managerial role or a GM role if TNA needed him to do such. Kurt Angle, the current TNA GM, could be leaving the company for WWE in a few months. TNA would have to write him off and put someone else in his place. Who better than Josh Mathews? That being said, it is very possible we could see Mathews debut with TNA in the coming months.

Mathews’ non-compete clause with WWE is set to expire soon, either in the coming week or early next month. That being said, Matthews is well within his rights to join the TNA team. What TNA does with him on their Impact Wrestling broadcast is another thing entirely, as TNA is known for doing some “interesting” things with their talent. So who knows what the future holds for Josh Mathews in TNA, if he joins the company at all.

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