‘SNL’s’ Ana Gasteyer Apologizes To Martha Stewart For Famous Impersonation [Video]

Saturday Night Live alumna Ana Gasteyer was known for being one of the best impressionists on the show during her seven year run on SNL. Throughout her run on the show, she impersonated Celine Dion, Martha Stewart, Sally Jesse Raphael and more. Now she’s returned to “apologize” to one of those famous ladies she portrayed in many sketches.

Gasteyer appeared on former SNL cast member Seth Meyers’ Late Night show to apologize to none other than Martha Stewart. Most of the sketches featured the lifestyle guru inappropriately. One instance in particular featured a topless Martha Stewart promoting holiday crafts for the Yuletide season.

Although Stewart has encouraged impressions from the guests that visited her show, Ana wanted to have an open forum for a humorous apology. Framed in a decorative border and a label that said, “Dear Martha, I’m Sorry,” Gasteyer started off by addressing the audience, and Martha.

“I would like to apologize to Martha. She’s backstage and hopefully not snacking on the cheese plate, so she’ll hear it.”

Before the comedienne even went into her apology the audience was already amused by what she was about to cook up for guests of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“First of all I apologize for not writing this letter in calligraphy. Martha, I have nothing but respect and fear for you. When I was learning how to impersonate you, I did as much research as possible. I wanted to dig deep and get inside of your head. Instead I dug through your beautifully organized dumpsters, and I regifted your fish tank.”

The best response from the audience happened when the topless sketch was brought up.

“This apology really isn’t for Martha, but for all the small children that were there that day. They really were there, do you remember?”

The apology went on, but since Martha was scheduled after Gasteyer, she got the last word in during her segment with Seth Meyers. During her segment Stewart and both SNL alumnus made pasta while Stewart threw digs at the former SNL star.

“You sound very occupied, writing apology letters about seven years too late. Actually I loved your impersonations of me, they were very very accurate, but I still say ‘herb,’ I still say ‘oregano’ and I do say ‘chutzpah.'”

Take a look at the apology to Martha, and Seth’s following segment with the lady herself.

[Image via NBC]

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