Kate Middleton Has Perfect Breasts, According To Science

Kate Middleton doesn’t just have the most-coveted celebrity hair — according to a recent study, the Duchess of Cambridge also has perfect breasts.

This conclusion was based on a special formula that determines breast desirability based on nipple placement. According to The Daily Mail, Kate Middleton has what are called “beckoning breasts.” In other words, the Duchess of Cambridge could moonlight as a romance novel cover girl.

If you want to see how your rack stack ups against Kate’s, then you’re in luck. The Mail revealed the exact measurements of Middleton’s royal chest.

“The ideal proportions are 45 per cent of the breast above the line of the nipples and a generous 55 per cent below. This means her nipples point upward at an angle of 20 degrees.”

Breast Infographic

Plastic surgeon Patrick Malluci is the man who spent endless hours studying breasts to come up with this magic formula. He then shared this information with The Sun, and he made sure to back up his findings with a poll. Participants were asked to look at four different sets of breasts with different proportions. A whopping 87 percent of the participants ranked breasts with the 45:55 ratio as their favorites. These “beckoning breasts” are described as “having a youthful, natural shape.” And size doesn’t matter — it’s all about meeting that magic ratio.

Kate Middleton isn’t the only female celebrity with perfect breasts. Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Katy Perry, and Miranda Kerr were also listed as having the 45:55 ratio. But how does Dr. Malluci know the placement of all of their nipples?

Perhaps he used Scarlett Johnasson’s hacked nude photos as part of his hack study. Gossip Cop recently reported that Johansson was targeted by hackers a second time, and her leaked photos were shared on websites like Reddit. Topless photos of Johansson were also leaked in 2012.

Kate Middleton probably doesn’t have any nude photos to be targeted by hackers, but she has been photographed naked before. It’s a bit disturbing to imagine Dr. Malluci making measurements while carefully studying the creepy paparazzi photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing, but how else would he know anything about her nipple placement? There’s no explanation for how he knows what Katy Perry and Megan Fox look like topless — they’ve never posed nude.

Celebrities who have the least-desirable breasts (according to Malluci’s “science”) include Lindsay Lohan (55:45), Kim Kardashian (55:45), and Rihanna (35:65). The plastic surgeon also revealed a rather surprising statistic: women prefer the look of implants more than men. Women might be fine with footballs and half-melons, but Malluci believes plastic surgeons should start using the 45:55 ratio to create implants that look more natural.

If Kate Middleton starts to experience a little droopage after giving birth to twins, now she knows who to call to take care of her other twins.

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