George Clooney’s Future Father-In-Law Has An Opinion About The Movie Star

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s upcoming nuptials will be an event not only for the couple, but, like all weddings, two families. The bride and groom’s parents have been getting a great deal of attention lately as their well-known children get set to embark on a new life together. Part of that attention was the media’s questioning of Clooney’s mother, who, as reported by The Inquisitr, gave the scoop about what she’s considering for a wedding gift.

Now, a family source is telling People magazine how Alamuddin’s father feels about his soon-to-be son-in-law. Since Amal is a human rights lawyer and the daughter of a journalist and former university professor, one might think her father would balk at the idea of her marriage to a movie star. However, Clooney is no ordinary actor, and he has a series of accomplishments of his own outside of entertainment. The source told People Amal’s dad is as excited as everyone else for the wedding and making Clooney part of his family.

“Ramzi couldn’t seem more delighted. He finds Clooney very sympathetic, intelligent, cool, easygoing and crazy in love with Amal!”

The source also said Ramzi has been involved in the wedding planning, but is remaining tight-lipped about the details. “He’s a card player,” the source said, implying the elder Alamuddin is keeping his hand close to his chest.

Back in May, a source told The Daily Mail that Clooney had met with Ramzi Alamuddin’s approval:

“Amal’s dad is definitely more impressed with Clooney’s political and humanitarian involvement than he is with his fame and wealth. Ramzi prefers his daughter is associated with a guy with brains and no money over a guy with no brains and lots of money.”

Over the summer, the families have bonded, with George and Amal’s mothers shopping together in a small Italian town near Clooney’s home at Lake Como. In July, People reported that the couple dined with Clooney’s parents at a small restaurant that afforded the party plenty of privacy and a traditional Sardinian menu.

Today, the Irish Independent is picking up a report from Closer that Clooney and Alamuddin are planning to have children. Since their engagement was announced, Alamuddin has been subject to pregnancy rumors and issued denials she’s expecting.

One thing seems to be certain — other than the wedding will be in Italy and feature lots of tequila — Clooney will be dressed in Armani. Giorgio Armani himself confirmed to People the news that Clooney had been fitted for an Armani tux.

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