A 16 minute preview of Hitman: Absolution [Video]

Hitman was a great game that I remember playing for hours with the first one came out and it quickly gained a loyal following. Subsequent sequels to the original Hitman game had varying levels of success, and not to mention a movie that didn’t do so well at the box office. I will admit that the movie however was one of my action movie guilty pleasures.

Well it seems that Eidos has decided to return once more with what looks like a revamped sequel called Hitman: Absolution, and to wet our appetites they have released a 16 minute walk through of the game. As noted on the GameBlurb blog fans will notice a bit of a departure from the typical avoiding of confrontations and only killing defined targets within the game.

It remains to be seen is this change will hit with the fans of the game or bring in new fans but in the meantime here is the video for you to enjoy.

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