‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Understand Her Haters on Twitter

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been sharing her life with MTV viewers for years. She started filming for the network when she was 16-years-old and pregnant with her first child. Jenelle may have been a stubborn teenager on 16 & Pregnant, but she needed more time to mature compared to everyone else filming the show.

During the first season of Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans gave up custody of her son, Jace, to her mother, who could financially take care of him. Barbara had health insurance, the finances to feed him and she didn’t have a relationship, which she prioritized over Jace. Jenelle, however, seemed more interested in hanging out with her then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been trying to change her ways by going back to school, finding a boyfriend with goals and ambitions and even working on starting her own family. Earlier this year, she announced her second pregnant with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. She gave birth this summer.

But even with her many positive changes over the past year, Jenelle Evans does not understand why her haters enjoy following her. She justifies her tweet by saying that she wouldn’t follow people who she hated.

Jenelle Evans has tried to block her haters and retweet her supporters. Many people have changed their minds about the MTV star, because she has managed to stay clean and has gone back to school. Jenelle has made some serious changes in a short amount of time.

And after giving birth to Kaiser, Jenelle seems determined to do things the right way with her son, Kaiser. She has been sharing pictures of little Kaiser hanging out with his brother, Jace. On Teen Mom, she has also been vocal about fighting to get custody back of Jace, so her family can be together.

According to the Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans hates to see her son cry. Her comment was in reference to a scene, where her son broke down and started screaming after Jenelle and her mother got into a fight. Evans feels that Jace would be happier if he was living with her.

Jenelle seems very determined to do the right thing, which shows a big change in her priorities and attitude. Just a few years ago, she wanted to verbally fight everyone on Twitter who had an opinion of her. These days, there is nothing more important to her than her family.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweet? Do you think she is right about her haters?

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