People “are ready” to get into Mirror’s Edge 2, DICE says

It seems like every few months, someone from DICE or EA will casually mention the possibility of Mirror’s Edge 2, but they always go no further than that. Well, here they go again.

In a statement to Spong, DICE producer Patrick Liu opined that the market appears to be ready for a sequel. “Yeah, definitely. I think it’s something that people are ready to get into again,” he said.

“We see that there’s a huge fan following, it’s almost like a cult! And we know what strengths we had, and what weaknesses we had in that game. If we were to release a new game, we’d know what to improve and how to reach a broader audience. So I definitely think there’s a market there.”

It conveniently stops short of confirming that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in the works, but it’s the best Mirror’s Edge fans have for now, at least until EA and DICE get around to announcing it.

Rumors about the development of a Mirror’s Edge sequel have been passed around the internet since last year. There was talk at one point that a sequel was in development, but EA put an indefinite hold on it – and, more recently, there was talk that Mirror’s Edge 2 was in development again, and it would be running on the Frostbite 2 engine.

Source: Spong

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