WWE Network: Vince McMahon Allows Odd Night Of Champions 2014 Results, How Will Subscribers React?

The WWE Network is Vince McMahon’s baby, and the biggest problem has been convincing subscribers to sign up (for only $9.99!) in enough numbers to cover the cost of the streaming platform. The rematch of Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena at WWE Night Of Champions 2014 is probably the last memorable PPV event we’ll have this year (unless something crazy happens at Hell In A Cell). But will the odd results tonight cause some subscribers to give up on the WWE Network?

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Leading up to Night Of Champions, practically every WWE news report claimed that the rematch between Lesnar and Cena was almost a foregone conclusion. This type of expectation probably had Vince McMahon thinking he needed to figure out a way to spice up the match so that WWE Network subscribers would feel they were getting their money’s worth.

Apparently, the best WWE creative could come up with is having Seth Rollins cash in his Money In The Bank suitcase and attempt to pin the Beast when he was a wounded animal. But even a curb stomp wouldn’t hold Lesnar down long and Rollins wasn’t allowed to cash in. This led to a technical victory by John Cena based upon disqualification, while Brock Lesnar retained his WWE Championship title.

Unfortunately for the WWE Network, early reactions to this story line on social media has not been that great. An early poll shows that out of the 89 percent of the people who did decided to watch, 25 percent gave a thumbs up, 29 percent gave Night Of Champions 2014 a middling rating, and 35 percent gave it a thumbs down.

The same type of trend existed on Twitter. The vast majority of comments were negative or at least disinterested, although there was at least one WWE fan who thought the end was a good idea.

The vast majority of tweets were not exactly thrilled with Vince McMahon’s choice for a story line.

And that’s the real problem. Vince McMahon needs to convince WWE fans that the WWE Network is worth $9.99 per month in order to reach the one million mark. As it is, they’ve been forced to lay off wrestlers and cut costs on popular extras like fireworks and other show stopping special effects. While the WWE stock price may be helped by shoring up the bottom line in the short term, in the long term, this trend cannot continue.

What would convince you to keep giving the WWE Network your hard-earned cash?

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