‘South Park’: Cartman Owns The Washington Redskins? Another Season Is Teased

The 18th season of South Park is set to premiere Wednesday, September 24 on Comedy Central. A preview of the episode posted on YouTube Sunday shows that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone still have no qualms about attacking whatever the latest controversy surrounding American culture. The next target for the South Park gang is the Washington Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder.

The season 18 promo for South Park opens with an animated Daniel Snyder flanked by Robert Griffith III and what can only presumably be head coach Jay Gruden asking Eric Cartman to stop using the Washington Redskins team name for his business. Cartman, who is surrounded by Washington Redskins logos, is unmoved by Snyder’s pleadings as he points out that the team lost its trademark.

While it’s unclear what Cartman’s business actually does, this is a classic case of trolling for attention. It’s also another example of the writers of the show flipping a situation on its head to prove a point. In this case, it is Snyder saying it is “offensive” and “derogatory” for Cartman to use the team’s name.

Knowing the history of the show, there are two things about this clip that make me wonder about its direction. First, how will Kyle react? He’s typically opposed to everything that Cartman does, but he’s also very politically correct. Second, how will Native Americans and other minorities be portrayed as part of another round of biting social commentary.

South Park has tackled everything from Game of Thrones to Tiger Woods’ infidelity to illegal immigration to the controversy over the depiction of Mohammed in cartoons over the years. The show’s creators have pushed the boundaries of satire and what is acceptable to view on TV for 17 years. It should be interesting to see what hot button issues they touch for season 18.

South Park - Game of Thrones
South Park – Game of Thrones

The Washington Redskins episode will start Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central, with nine more episodes to follow for this season. The show’s creators struck an exclusivity deal with Hulu to air the episodes on Hulu and South Park Studios the next day. All older episodes of the show will be locked behind a Hulu Plus subscription. Free subscribers to the streaming service will be limited to new episodes, plus a rotation of 30 episodes.

What did you think of the South Park season 18 preview clip? Does it interest you in another season? Let us know in the comments below.

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