Kaley Cuoco Haircut Makes ‘Big Bang Theory’ Debut: Sheldon Cooper Freaks Out

Kaley Cuoco won’t be wearing a wig or extensions when you see her tomorrow night on the premiere of The Big Bang Theory and at least one person is going to be shocked: Sheldon Cooper. In a new promo spot released by CBS, fans of the show got to see just how Sheldon — who does not particularly like change — reacted to Penny’s short hair. Check it out below.

Many fans had wondered whether or not Kaley would transform her Big Bang Theory character and bring her into 2014 with a totally new look or if Penny would still have her long blonde locks, but the actress cleared up those questions in two Instagram posts last week. In short (pun intended), Penny is going to have a pixie cut this season (and beyond).

Kaley Cuoco talked to producers on the show about cutting her hair, and she offered to put in extensions to keep Penny looking the same. However, that wasn’t necessary. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, production decided that they would write Kaley’s new style into the show’s script. The very first episode (which airs on Monday night at 8 p.m.) will address the change… but it is unknown if it will be a comical bit or just a sort of mention of the chopped new look.

According to E! News, Kaley recently touched up her pixie style, making it more piecey and wild. She also added some lighter platinum highlights, which gave her even more dimension. Kaley is still filming for The Big Bang Theory, so fans may notice that Penny’s hair has also changed a bit. It isn’t too noticeable, so it’s fine for the show.

While the hairdo does look great on Kaley, some fans are wondering how it will transform Penny. Some fans are totally okay with Penny’s new look and others have had a similar reaction as Sheldon… it is going to be different, there is no question… but people will just have to get used it.

Kaley Cuoco seems really excited to give Penny this new, more mature feel… and hopefully it works out. Do you like Kaley’s haircut? Do you think she will make it work for Penny on The Big Bang Theory? Post your opinion in the comments below.

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco/Instagram]

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