High Five New York City! New Yorkers Hailing Taxi Get An Unexpected High Five! [Video]

People usually go to YouTube to watch a slew of videos of different genres on the website. They have comedies such as Epic Rap Battles of History, as well as educational clips that explain why metal doesn’t go in a microwave. However, sometimes people just want to watch videos that are about feeling good. The Inquisitr reported on such videos, in which one example was a man just doing random acts of kindness to total strangers.

Now there is a new video on YouTube in which a man is unexpectedly giving New Yorkers, who are calling for a taxi, high fives. Their reactions are priceless.

Uploaded on the official YouTube channel for AMK Productions, the video already has over 880,000 views with almost 5,000 likes. Less than 100 people wouldn’t find randomly getting high-fived entertaining. Nevertheless, the video is straight-forward. It is… well… just a man randomly high-fiving people hailing a taxi. It is amazing nobody wanted to punch the dude after the high-five, but that may have been edited out. The music, “Life” by Tobu, fits with the happy, upbeat mood the video gives off, thus being a perfect complement.

It should also be reported this video is also one of YouTube’s 100 Most Popular Videos at of the publication of this article. Now that you’ve seen this feel-good video, what do you think? Would you randomly high-five people in the streets just for a feel-good moment? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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