Steve Jobs Just Might Have Been Wrong About Bigger iPhones

Steve Jobs might not have wanted the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but it seems Apple fans don’t agree with the tech visionary. Phablets have been a growing trend in the American tech market for years now, and Jobs had kept Apple out of the larger screen race.

As Quartz points out, Steve once talked disparagingly about the larger screen phones while he was sitting next to the company’s current CEO Tim Cook. It looks like Cook entertained Jobs’ disinterest in bigger iPhone screens for a while, but eventually he began to understand even the most loyal Apple fanboys wanted Phablet level displays that ran on iOS.

Steve Jobs and company believed the optimal screen size for the iPhone was 3.5 inches back in 2006, but the company did change its tune a bit over the last few years. Eventually, their flagship phone got a 4-inch screen, but it was well known Steve wasn’t entirely excited about the change.

So what was the real reason Apple moved away from the vision of Steve Jobs? Forbes believes Samsung was the driving factor. Samsung was among the first companies to debut monster-sized phones, and saw a ridiculous amount of sales after doing so. Jobs might not be happy with the developments in the smartphone market, but one has to wonder if Steve might have changed his tune after looking at years of sales numbers.

Whether it is because their former CEO is gone or just because the market has changed, employees of the Cupertino company are plenty excited about what the future holds for gadgets like the iPhone 6 Plus. Designer Jonny Ive is quoted as making it clear Apple understands its iPhone 6 Plus is absolutely a Phablet. Ive added he isn’t sorry about this new development.

There are still plenty of fans of Jobs who are claiming they won’t get the new models because it goes against his wishes. It should be pointed out that this group looks to be a vocal minority, with most believing Steve would have changed his outlook eventually. Others just aren’t loyal enough to the creator and former CEO to ignore a phone they are quite excited about. Lines were around the block, online shipment queues are going back several months, and sales numbers are breaking the bank. Despite his love of big screens, Steve Jobs would have understood the move Apple made.

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