Samsung working hard on a next-gen memory: Hybrid Memory Cubes

As fast and as big as computer memory might get there are a couple of things holding it back, and as a result holding back computer innovation. The major hurdle right now is the amount of energy needed to power computer memory as it gets faster; which is going to be a problem in of itself.

Well Samsung and Micron have decided to work together to tackle the problem and in the process bring a whole new type of memory to the table.

Called Hybrid Memory Cubes (HMC) the partners in the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium claim that the new design would be a radical departure from the current DRAM module form factor but would be 15x the speed of DDR3 memory, use 90 percent less space than the current designs, and use 70 percent less power.

These HMC memory modules would primary be targeting smartphones, tablets, and graphics cards as well as any other form factor where power/performance/scale is extremely important.

To achieve this Samsung and Micron have stepped way out of the box and developed a whole new memory architecture that pairs high-speed logic process technology with a memory through-silicon-via bonded memory die stick.

They say that this format will allow memory to stay in line with Moore’s Law when it comes to CPUs and GPUs.

The two companies say that there will be an industry adoptable specification for this new memory by 2012.

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