New Sonic Generations trailer shows off new levels

Sega sent out a new trailer today that shows off several new – or remakes, if you prefer – levels from Sonic Generations, Sega’s latest attempt to win back the classic Sonic fanbase and still cater to the new.

In the trailer, we get to take a look at the Crisis City, Rooftop Run, and Planet Wisp stages, with a mix between modern and classic gameplay.

It remains to be seen just how well the final product will turn out, but going by the trailers, Sonic Generations looks pretty darn good. You have to hand it to Sega for at least trying to reel back in the fanbase they’ve been losing over the years. I wouldn’t exactly call the last several games “trying”.

You can check out the all-new Sonic Generations gameplay trailer directly below.

Sonic Generations is due out on PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360 on November 1 in North America, November 3 in Australia, and November 4 in Europe.

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