Greta Van Susteren On Domestic Violence: You ‘Don’t Need A … Class To Know Beating Someone Is Wrong And Crime’

It should be noted that Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren’s domestic violence views are pretty straight forward. If you beat someone, it is a crime whether it is your wife or some guy on the street.

That was the gist of several tweets the long-time Fox News and former CNN anchor released this morning (September 21) in response to the National Football League’s reforms announced Thursday by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Apparently, the class on domestic violence was just too much. In one of the tweets, Greta Van Susteren addressed domestic violence, and said classes on the topic were pointless.

Greta Van Susteren’s domestic violence opinions did not stop there. She went on to point out what many were probably thinking but were not vocalizing, at least not publicly.

The last Greta Van Susteren domestic violence tweet directed squarely at the NFL again called into question why the league is drawing some distinction between domestic violence and assault and battery.

Van Susteren was on a roll Sunday morning, attacking not only the NFL but also some of her Fox News colleagues, including Brit Hume, who has asked why the NFL monitors or is involved with player’s actions off the football field. Basically, she pointed out the morals clause in players’ contracts, and said that opens the door to the NFL to monitor the private lives and actions of its stars and those players who aren’t quite stars, but are still on the payroll.

As you will recall, the problems with the NFL and domestic violence began with the arrest of Ray Rice following an assault of his then-fiance in an Atlantic City elevator. He was suspended for two games. Eventually, TMZ Sports got its hands on video of Rice knocking out his fiance, which resulted in the NFL revisiting the case and eventually suspending Rice from all play after the Baltimore Ravens cut the player from its roster and voided his contract.

What do you think about the controversy and about Greta Van Susteren’s domestic violence comments? Tell us in the comments section below.

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