Daniel Radcliffe Pays Back Two-Year-Old Cab Fare Debt, Keeps His Promise

Daniel Radcliffe took a cab two years ago, but didn’t have money for the fare. Now, staying true to his promise, he has paid it back, proving that he didn’t forget and is a man of his word.

This is Refreshing, especially when you think about how we keep reading of celebrities who are less than gracious in every day life and, in many cases, seem spoiled. Not Daniel. The Harry Potter star proved that he had a good upbringing and can remember to pay a debt even after two years.

In 2012, Radcliffe — who made his name playing the young magician — was hanging out with a group of Irish soccer players from the Dublin Minor Football team who were celebrating the team’s first victory since 1984. Once the party was over, the 25-year-old star realized he had no money for the cab fare.

With no other choice left, Daniel Radcliffe had to appeal to the generosity of his new friends, with the promise that he would pay them back in the future. And he didn’t forget.

On Thursday, former Dublin soccer player Conor Mullally, posted a photo of a handwritten message from Radcliffe, along with a 50 Euro bill. Daniel’s note reads.

“Hi guys, So, thanks again for paying for my cab! I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t honor my word and pay you back. Once again, great meeting you all. Hope this covers it.”

He signed the note, “Dan R. Better late than never.” In the case of Daniel Radcliffe, the pay back for the cab fare came two years later. Reporter Des Cahill also tweeted an old photo of that “infamous night.” In it, we can see Harry Potter in the midst of a huge party with the rest of the very happy team.

The very busy Daniel Radcliffe — who is all grown up and pursuing a career that doesn’t involve magic — was recently in Dublin, Ireland, filming one of his newest movies, What If, and took to the opportunity to pay back his 2012 cab fare.

Daniel Radcliffe in 2012 celebration

What do think about Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe sending a personal note, along with his two-year-old cab fare money, to the football team?

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